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Bernard Hopkins: America is too strong to let the coronavirus bring us down

The boxing legend shares his thoughts on the spreading virus.

Canelo Alvarez v Rocky Fielding - Press Conference Photo by Bill Tompkins/Getty Images

With coronavirus causing a global shutdown, boxing Hall of Famer Bernard Hopkins shares his conspiracy theory about the virus with RingTV and why it’s important to take this time to evaluate the things that are genuinely important in our lives, saying boxing itself isn’t as important as those who’ve been losing their jobs and such. Hopkins also classifies COVID-19 as a man-made virus which is now plaguing the planet.

“History always repeats itself. This thing is man-made. We’re being attacked again. I believe the virus was created by men, those mad scientists that you see in science-fiction movies concocting s—, with smoke coming out of test tubes. We have to come together again — like we did during 9-11. America is strong, too strong to let something like this virus bring us down.”

Hopkins, 55, is due to be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame this summer in Canastota, NY after a storied career, but isn’t concerned should they need to postpone the ceremony for public safety reasons.

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