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Scott Fitzgerald arrested on ‘suspicion of assault’ after ‘kick-off with ex-partner’

Fitzgerald withdrew from an appearance on the Quigg-Carroll undercard due to weight issues

M&S Bank Arena Boxing Photo by Peter Byrne/PA Images via Getty Images

British super welterweight champion Scott Fitzgerald was arrested yesterday “on suspicion of assault” after what he, in an Instagram video released following his 24-hour stint in custody, described as “a kick-off with [his] ex-partner and her family.”

Fitzgerald (14-0. 9 KO) appeared to then obliquely threaten the person who called the police, though I’m not certain; I can parse English accents just fine, but “Fitzy” is a walking cryptographical wonder. Somewhat more intelligible is his callout of UFC middleweight (185 pounds) Darren Till.

As an aside, I have discovered that searching Twitter for word on “Scott Fitzgerald” is profoundly unproductive due to people’s ongoing reverence for a certain legendary novelist.

Fitzgerald has long struggled with substance abuse; last year, father Dave spoke with the Lancashire Post about the subject, revealing Scott’s admission that he suffered from a cocaine addiction and had been taking drugs since the age of 12. Following the collapse of a recent fight cancellation due to Fitzgerald’s weight issues, Dave recently told the Post that Scott had spent nearly two weeks in rehab and was staying in London as opposed to his hometown.

Though details have not been revealed, it’s looking as though Dave’s optimism may not have borne fruit.

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