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Adam Kownacki vs Robert Helenius: Live streaming results, round by round and discussion

It’s a heavyweight tripleheader tonight on FOX!

Adam Kownacki v Robert Helenius - Weigh-In Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images


Round By Round

Adam Kownacki vs Robert Helenius

Round 1: Helenius lands a jab to the body but Kownacki gets one right back and looks to follow it up with more punches. Helenius walks Kownacki into a clean shot but then takes a short one on the inside. Short combination lands for Kownacki with Helenius on the ropes. Jab to the body lands for Kownacki. Right hand goes to the body for Kownacki. Helenius eats a right hand to the body. Jab lands to the body for Kownacki, then another right hand. Jab lands for Kownacki downstairs. Another right hand lands for Kownacki. Right to the body lands twice for Kownacki. Helenius lands his own right hand to the body. Kownacki 10-9.

Round 2: Jab to the body comes from Kownacki but Helenius comes right back with a couple jabs upstairs. Right hand from Helenius doesn’t find the mark. Right to the body lands for Kownacki. Helenius tries to pop a couple jabs to maintain distance but finds himself along the ropes right away. Kownacki lands a right hand with Helenius on the ropes. Now Helenius loads up with a aright hand that glances. Both fighters trade and make some contact. Right hand lands for Kownacki upstairs. Right to the body lands for Helenius. Helenus lands two shots and then a body shot as Kownacki steps forward. Kownacki throws a combiantion but he doesn’t really land much clean. One left hand gets in for Kownacki. I’m going to edge this to Helenius but he might’ve had to blow his load for it. Helenius 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Helenius misses on a few punches to start the round. Kownacki comes forward and falls short on a right hand to the body. Kownacki pushes Helenius back and has him on the ropes and touches him to the body. Clean jab lands for Kownacki. Now Kownacki lands a right hook to the body. Helenius is looking like he’s fading already, looking to hold. Left hand lands for Kownacki with Helenius on the ropes. A couple of short shots land for Kownacki downstairs. Hard right hook lands downstairs for Kownacki and he stars throwing with both hands. Kownacki 10-9.

Round 4: Jab from Helenius doesn’t land clean. Kownacki throws three punches and Helenius retreates to the corner where Helenius lands a shot that puts Kownacki down and it’s ruled a slip! Now Helenius lands a clean shot that puts down Kownacki without question for a second time! Kownacki gets up and Helenius tries to unload him — Kownacki is stumbling badly! Helenius presses forward with more punches and the referee steps in to stop the fight! WOW! WHAT AN UPSET! HELENIUS TKO-4.

Efe Ajagba vs Razvan Cojanu

Round 1: Ajagba comes out with a quick jab and presses Cojanu back towards the ropes. Big right hand comes from Ajagba but doesn’t land clean. Cojanu tries to let go a half-hearted shot but gets put back on the defensive by Ajagba. Cojanu staying on the back foot and takes a jab to the body. Double left hand comes from Cojanu down to the body. Right hand from Ajagba partially lands. Now Ajagba gets in a good body shot. Ineffective combination comes from Cojanu this time. Ajagba 10-9.

Round 2: Both fighters trade at center ring as Cojanu wants to mix it up more now. Big shots come from Cojanu but most of them barely make contact. Straight right hand lands to the body for Cojanu this time. Right hand from Ajagba partially splits the guard. Right hand from Ajagba lands much better this time around. Cojanu misses on a left hook but comes forward and pushes Ajagba to the ropes. Right hand from Ajagba makes some contact again. Counter right lands for Ajagba now. Counter right hook lands for Cojanu in reponse as he comes forward behind three more punches that don’t land clea. Ajagba lands a couple of short body shots just before the bell. Ajagba 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Both fighters tade to start the round but neither land much on each other. Left hook lands to the body for Ajagba who comes forward and lands two more. Another left hook from Ajagba touches the body. Cojanu tries to push Ajagba back so he can get back to center ring but takes a right uppercut for his trouble. Right hand from Ajagba gets in at the end of a three punch combination. Clubbing right hand from Cojanu doesn’t land clean. Double right hand from Ajagba gets through the guard of Cojanu. Ajagba 10-9.

Round 4: Cojanu tries to get right in on Ajagba and throws an uppercut. Right hand from Ajagba glances off Cojanu’s head. Left to the body lands for Ajagba. Double jab comes from Ajagba this time as he goes upstairs and downstairs. Double jab comes from Ajagba again, this time just looking at the head. Cojanu misses on a right hand to the body. Jab and right hand comes from Ajagba before stepping off to the side. Ajagba 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Right and left hand comes from Cojanu who tries to let go of some power punches in close quarters to start the round. Right hand touches the body for Ajagba. Two hooks to the body stray a little low for Ajagba ang he gets a warning. Three punches come from Cojanu but none of the punches appear ot land clean. Left to the body gets in for Ajagba. Huge overhand right misses for Cojanu, then anohter moments later. Left hook comes from Cojanu who then tries to come forward for more. Ajagba 10-9.

Round 6: Right hand from Cojanu misses to start the round. Both fighters trade left hooks. Now Ajagba lands a hard couple down to the body. Left uppercut lands on the inside for Ajagba. Ajagba lands a few hard shots and Cojanu mugs at him. Left from Cojanu lands below the belt and Ajagba gets some time to recover. Ajagba takes a little time and then comes back and looks to land a left hook. Cojanu tries to unload whatever he has left and makes a little contact. Ajagba lands a left that splits Ajagba’s guard. Right and left hand land to the body for Cojanu just before the bell. Ajagba 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Both fighters measure with their jabs. Left lands down to the body for Ajagba, then a couple more body shots. Another left gets in to the body for Ajagba. Ajagba starts jabbing again and then throws a left hook that makes solid contact. Right hand from Ajagba gets in up top and then another one. Ajagba splits Cojanu’s guard again with a right hand. Cojanu starts throwing clubbing shots but most of them aren’t effective punches. Ajagba 10-9.

Round 8: One-two comes from Ajagba but Cojanu blocks it pretty well. Jab lands for Ajagba this time. Hard left hook lands to the body for Ajagba, then another shortly after. Two short shots land on the inside for Ajagba. Combination comes from Ajagba now and he makes contact as Cojanu can only try to cover up. Several good shots from Ajagba land and Cojanu takes a knee at center ring! Cojanu gets up at the count of nine and right hook misses from Ajagba. Right hand lands for Ajagba and then a clean left hook that stumbles him. The referee nearly steps in to stop it but thinks better of it. Cojanu makes it out of the round. Ajagba 10-8, 80-71.

Round 9: Both fighters trade jabs at center ring but Ajagba comes forward and puts Cojanu on the ropes. Combination comes from Ajagba as Cojanu covers up. Two body shots get in for Ajagba while Cojanu is defending his head. Counter lands for Cojanu in a rare moment. Ajagba continues to throw and lands several more shots that are strafing Cojanu. Right hand splits the guard for Ajagba, then another. Right uppercut lands and Cojanu falls into Ajagba. Right hand lands and Cojanu has a delayed reaction and takes another knee. The referee waves it off. Ajagba TKO-9.

Frank Sanchez vs Joey Dawejko

Round 1: Left hook from Sanchez misses right out the gate. Now Dawejko gets in a left hand that lands upstairs. Both fighters trade jabs at center ring before Dawejko tries to go to the body. Sanchez picks of the shorter Dawejko with his jab. Jab from Dawejko falls short. Right hand partially lands upstairs for Sanchez. Double left hand comes from Dawejko and the second makes contact. Right uppercut lands for Sanchez, then a left jab. Jab lands to the body for Dawejko. Sanchez comes forward behind a few punches and lands one to the body. Right hand lands to the body for Dawejko before the fighters get tangled at the bell. Sanchez 10-9.

Round 2: Dawejko slips a jab to start the round and circles back to center ring. Jab to the body from Sanchez doesn’t land clean. Now Sanchez gets in a left hand. Jab lands clean for Sanchez upstairs. Right uppercut lands to the body for Sanchez again. Sanchez sticks a jab upstairs and then follows up with a right hand but Dawejko steps out of range. Lead left hook misses for Sanchez. Another jab from Sanchez beats one from Dawejko. Another jab from Sanchez finds the mark. Sanchez 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Sanchez misses on a jab but comes back with a few more punches that glance off Dawejko. Jab lands clean for Sanchez upstairs, then another moments later. Jab lands again for Sanchez. Sanchez bounces on his feet and then lets go two punches as Dawejko covers up. Dawejko now jumps in behind two body shots but doesn’t land them effectively. Right hand from Dawejko just barely touches the body. Sanchez times a big right hook but misses. Left hand lands well for Sanchez again just before the bell. Sanchez 10-9.

Round 4: Dawejko comes out stalking but walks onto a couple shots from Sanchez. Jab lands for Sanchez, then a right hand on the inside. Dawejko tries to close the distance but can’t find the range before getting smothered by Sanchez. Sanchez continues to box around the ring and pick spots to throw shots and is controlling this fight pretty comfortable. Sanchez 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Both fighters exchange and Sanchez gets a little rough on the inside. Now a lead left makes good contact for Sanchez. Dawejko falls short on a jab but times a nice counter right uppercut shortly after. Dawejko is looking marked up on the left side of his face as he now has a cut around his left eye. Lead left hook from Dawejko misses as Sanchez ducks underneath. Dawejko screams at Sanchez for continuing to push his head after throwing punches. Right hand lands for Sanchez. Sanchez 10-9.

Round 6: Dawejko feints but eats a jab from Sanchez. Another jab lands for Sanchez who is landing with increasing frequency. Right hand comes underneath for Sanchez as Dawejko steps forward. Jab to the body falls short for Dawejko, who then gets tangled up with Sanchez along the ropes. Both fighters trade jabs at center ring and Sanchez tries to move laterally to find an angle. Sanchez 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Jab from Dawejko falls short. Jab and right hand comes from Sanchez as Dawejko tries to get underneath the punches. Lead left hook misses for Dawejko. Right uppercut lands to the body for Sanchez who then skips away and tries to land another combination but falls into a clinch. Sanchez tries to stick a jab from range but misses, then lands a short combination just after. Sanchez prances around the ring to end the round. Sanchez 10-9.

Round 8: Jab misses for Sanchez to open the round. Jab lands for Sanchez this time as he continues to use his superior footwork to thoroughly outbox Dawejko. Right hand from Sanchez glances off Dawejko’s head. Dawejko misses on a wide right hook aimed at the body. Sanchez finds space to move and then pops a jab before stepping back and resetting. Jab lands clean for Sanchez. Lunging left hook from Dawejko reeks of desperation and misses badly. Sanchez 10-9, 80-72.

Round 9: Sanchez pops a jab that misses but steps over to keep Dawejko from setting his feet. Left to the body from Dawejko makes a little contact this time. Right and left hand comes from Sanchez and makes pretty good contact. Jab lands for Sanchez again but he misses on the right hand that follows. Now Sanchez lands a right hand and comes back with a left hook to the head. Left on the inside lands for Dawejko right before a clinch. Lead right from Sanchez partially lands. Another right hand lands for Sanchez at the bell. Sanchez 10-9.

Round 10: Double jab comes from Sanchez to start the round. Now Sanchez throws a lead left hook that Dawejko catches on his glove. Left to the body comes from Dawejko. Now Dawejko misses on a big left hook upstairs before stepping onto another Sanchez jab. Wide right hook from Dawejko misses the body and Sanchez throws a right hand that doesn’t land clean. Dawejko complains of a head clash and gets a second to compose himself before continuing. Referee calls a time out to put Dawejko’s mouthpiece back in. Sanchez 10-9, 100-90.

Tonight at 8 pm ET on FOX, it’s a heavyweight tripleheader from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, headlined by popular contender Adam Kownacki as he returns to the ring to face Robert Helenius in the main event.

Wil Esco will be on the round by round call at 8 pm ET.

Kownacki, 30, is hoping to secure a title shot by the end of this year, though that may be difficult right now given the lay of the land and the fact that PBC have lost both of their heavyweight titleholders in the last few months. But the Polish-American brawler probably isn’t concerned much about the politics of it all; if he loses it won’t matter, so first goal is the win.

The 36-year-old Helenius was once thought to be a rising star in the division, but it hasn’t really played out that way. For him, this is a chance to course correct his career, and he does have a notable height advantage here.

Prospects Efe Ajagba and Frank Sanchez are also in action, facing veterans Razvan Cojanu and Joey Dawejko, respectively.

Main Card (FOX, 8:00 pm ET)

  • Adam Kownacki (20-0, 15 KO) vs Robert Helenius (29-3, 18 KO), heavyweights, 12 rounds
  • Efe Ajagba (12-0, 10 KO) vs Razvan Cojanu (17-6, 9 KO), heavyweights, 10 rounds
  • Frank Sanchez (14-0, 11 KO) vs Joey Dawejko (20-7-4, 11 KO), heavyweights, 10 rounds

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