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MTK Global partners with Latvian boxing promoter, opens new European offices

The promotion, LNK, manages Golden Contract semifinalist Ricards Bolotniks

Golden Contract Boxing - Light Heavyweight Photo by James Chance/Getty Images

With its “Golden Contract” tournaments on hold, MTK Global is looking to expand its operations in Europe. Earlier today, they announced a partnership with Latvian promoter LNK, plus three new “bases” in Munich, Denmark, and Catalonia.

LNK “promotes and manages” light heavyweight tournament semifinalist Ricards Bolotniks, who knocked out unbeaten Steven Ward in one round last December.

From LNK’s Vadim Milov: “After Mairis Breidis’ exploits prompted a dramatic rise in the popularity of boxing here, we partnered with the WBSS to stage a show attended by 10,000 spectators at Arena Riga. Before that, only hockey enjoyed such popularity. There are many boxing talents such as Bolotniks, Nikolajs Grisunins, Arturs Gorlovs, Jevgenijs Aleksejevs, Oskars Grosmanis, Marcis Grundulis, Francis Rozentals and more.”

From MTK’s Jamie Conlan: “Latvian boxing has its figurehead in Mairis Breidis but we saw from Bolotniks’ performance in the Golden Contract quarter-finals that Breidis is far from being the country’s only fighter with world-level potential. It’s exciting to have this opportunity to accelerate the rise of the sport over there.”

Briedis has headlined several successful events in Riga, so it’s not surprising to see a major company looking to tap further into the Latvian market. Hopefully they can uncover more unexpected gems like Bolotniks.

In addition, MTK Global revealed its new offices: MTK Munich, MTK Costa Brava, and MTK Denmark. Said offices are helmed by veteran trainers Tim Yilmaz and Ignasi Caballero and longtime boxing veteran Lolenga Mock, respectively.

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