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Jarrell Miller coming to terms with his bad guy image

Miller has taken a lot of heat since he flunked out of an Anthony Joshua fight, but now says he has new perspective.

Anthony Joshua v Jarrell Miller - Press Conference Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Heavyweight Jarrell Miller was once due the fight of his career, a chance to win multiple world titles in a fight against unified champion Anthony Joshua. Obviously the pressures of that got to Miller as he hilarious flunked multiple drugs tests for multiple banned substances in the build-up to that fight, causing him to lose out and get suspended — not to mention badly tarnish his image and reputation.

Now, a year later, Miller says that he’s not too bothered by being labeled a ‘bad guy’ in boxing, saying once you learn to understand where the bad guys are coming from you start to understand life. Miller would continue by saying that while some of your favorites might seem like they’re model citizens, behind the scenes ‘there’s always something going on.’

Via WBN:

“Where I come from 80 percent of the time the villain always wins. Because when you do everything by the book, you leave your hands tied. You have to be that person who sees outside the box.

“If multi-millionaires play by all the rules, they wouldn’t be where they are at. So with some of these promoters like Eddie Hearn, they say these crazy, outrageous things. But they don’t play by the rules all the time. That’s a fact.”

Miller has intermittently taken direct aim at Hearn himself, who obviously ripped him publicly after his doping fails, and seems to be the main target of his disdain. Miller mostly has himself to blame though for the way he spectacularly crashed and burned under the pressure leading into the Joshua fight.

Now the 31-year-old heavyweight is waiting on the sidelines like everyone during this pandemic, but will be looking to work his way back into title contention once the train starts moving again.

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