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Jermell Charlo: I’ll fight anybody, I promise you

Charlo makes it known he’s ready and willing to face the best in the world.

WBC junior middleweight titleholder Jermell Charlo just recently took to social media to share some of his quarantine thoughts, and needless to say he wasn’t any less animated than usual. So during this live streaming rant, Charlo made it clear that he’s ready to take on all comers, saying he intends to clean out the division before potentially moving up. Check out some excerpts below...

“What’s wrong with these people today, they under quarantine and they mad?! No, I am not afraid of no Canelo, no GGG, I’ma 154-pounder, ya’ll got it all fucked up. Wrong twin. And he ain’t scared either. It’s wrong twin, period. If you think you’re talking to me — I bet none of these people on here would talk like this to me to my face. That’s crazy.

“I fight whoever and anybody, I promise you. I don’t think a lot of these dudes are calling me out. They ain’t calling me out. They used to talk that shit about me...for all ya’ll morons and idiots and lame ass motherfuckers who don’t understand boxing, I tried to fight all these motherfuckers, I tried to fight Andrade in ‘14, he pulled out of that fight. Cut that Andrade shit out. They can offer me a check right now, if he come down to ‘54 I’m knocking that bitch out. Hello! I slept Lubin in that [Charlo said showing off his trunks from the fight].

“I don’t plan on moving up, I’ma go get the belts, I got two of the WBCs. I’m try to go get some red ones, some colorful ones — my kids like colors and they like unique things that look tight. I heard one of them belts got two lions on it, so I definitely need him so the other belt is whatever. Then De La Hoya, he’s holding on to one belt to stay relevant.”

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