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Terence Crawford expects to make Errol Spence look like an ‘ordinary fighter’

Crawford says he’ll show a different side of him in that potential showdown.

Terence Crawford v Jeff Horn Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Welterweight titleholder Terence Crawford is well aware of all the trash talk coming from Errol Spence regarding a highly anticipated fight between the two, but he’s not all that worried about the verbal jousting. Crawford says that the difference between Spence and himself is that he really means the things he says, and that when he finally gets in the ring with Spence he’ll prove it to the world.

“When that fight happens, everybody is going to see a different side of Terence Crawford that they really haven’t seen before, and they are going to see a different side of Errol Spence as well, because I’m going to make him look like an ordinary fighter.”

Of course, like everything else in the sport, whether or not a Crawford-Spence fight actually happens is entirely dependent on the amount of money there is to be made — and whether or not both sides can agree to an amendable split. Crawford, despite his thin record at welterweight, believes he deserves to be the A-side in a fight with Spence because he’s accomplished more in the sport by becoming undisputed champion at 140.

Crawford continues by saying that he’s not all that interested in drumming up interest in a Spence fight by feigning the drama before the fans, which is why he doesn’t do too much talking outside of the ring. He’d rather let his fists do the work. But breaking down a potential fight with Spence, this is how Crawford views it.

“When you look at the matchup with me and Spence, you got two strong fighters. He’s strong, I’m strong. He punches hard, I punch hard. I got ring IQ, he got ring IQ. But I think what separates us two is I’m faster, I’m smarter, I’m slicker. I got more heart. I’m all-around versatile. You know, I could switch it up. I don’t think you can keep up with what I’m bringing to the table.”

But even with an alluring fight with Spence somewhere off in the distance, Crawford is still targeting a fight against Manny Pacquiao, whom he actually prioritizes since Pacquiao’s days left in the sport are numbered. That fight seems unlikely to happen, as it could’ve been made while Pacquiao was still with Top Rank, but I think most fans would be plenty satisfied to see Crawford in with just about anybody who’s thought to be on his level.

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