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Chris Eubank Jr rips Billy Joe Saunders for latest stunt

Eubank Jr. wonders what it’s going to take for Saunders to face some real consequences.

Jermall Charlo v Dennis Hogan Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Not that his longstanding feud with Billy Joe Saunders doesn’t have anything to do with it, but Chris Eubank Jr. is still publicly wondering how many passes Saunders is going to receive before he really faces some disciplinary action.

Saunders, of course, just had his boxing license temporarily suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control for some seriously off-color remarks he made on social media. And it was little more than a year ago when Saunders got into some trouble for offering drugs to a woman if she blew off his friend before inducing an assault.

“So Billy Joe Saunders, a woman beating, COVID-19 hoaxing, drug-abusing, police impersonating moron,” Eubank Jr. wrote. “Oh yeah paid a vulnerable woman to punch an innocent man in the face as well. How many more chances is this idiot going to get before his license is taken away for a good amount of time?

“As fighters at the top we have the kids looking up to us, copying what we do inside & outside of the ring. Having Saunders as a representative of boxing is an injustice to all women suffering in abusive relationships & to the kids who look to learn from us as ambassadors.”

Saunders would offer his succinct reply to Eubank Jr in photo form:

Saunders will likely be facing another fine from the British board for his latest antics, but clearly that hasn’t been much of a deterrent thus far. And with his name currently leading the race as Canelo Alvarez’s next opponent it’ll be interesting to see what if any effect this on those negotiations. But with boxing currently shut down, the super middleweight titleholder at least looks to have some time on his side.

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