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Shannon Courtenay staying true to herself in pursuit of boxing glory

The prospect from Watford took some questions from fans this weekend.

Boxing at York Hall Photo by James Chance/Getty Images

Shannon Courtenay is another of the rising names in women’s boxing, a 26-year-old from Watford, England, who has been featured on Matchroom bills since turning pro just over a year ago.

Courtenay (5-0, 2 KO) has yet to really step up the competition, but she’s created a bit of buzz for herself and gotten her name out there, and seems to be growing an organic fan base.

The junior featherweight prospect took some questions from fans on Instagram this weekend about her boxing future and more.

On her plans in boxing right now

“Once this is all over, Eddie [Hearn] has said I’m going to be busy, active. Maybe I’ll have to fight behind closed doors for a bit, but we’re going to have a very active, busy future ahead, so I’m very excited.”

On staying true to her real personality

“I said from day one I was going to be myself, I was just going to be real, wasn’t going to be someone different when the cameras are turned on. I’ve always stayed completely true to myself and it’s worked well, because people probably can relate to me easier.”

On whether she’d rather headline Wembley or fight on a Vegas undercard

“Las Vegas is my favorite place in the world. Literally can’t beat Vegas, but I have to say Wembley.”

On what fighter she’d choose to do a camp with

“I think I’d have to say Andre Ward, because he has so much knowledge and I would learn so much from him.”

On making a choice between marrying Tom Hardy or winning a world title

“Uhhh — Tom, babes, I’m sorry, but it’s gonna have to be winning a world title.”

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