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Who is the most underrated fighter in boxing today?

Overrated? Those fighters are all overrated. Who doesn’t get enough respect?

Miguel Berchelt v Takashi Miura Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

(Note: Miguel Berchelt getting the photo up top is not meant to suggest MIguel Berchelt as your answer. We just needed a photo up top and Berchelt popped into my mind at the moment, nothing more than that.)

Yesterday, we talked a little mess about everyone’s pick for the most overrated fighter in the sport of boxing today.

Granted, it’s kind of a negative-leaning discussion by its very nature, so today let’s switch it up and go the other way with some positivity.

Again, a simple question, just sound off.

In your opinion, who is the single most underrated fighter in the sport today?

Maybe a great fighter, even highly-ranked or regarded, but you feel still doesn’t get enough play or respect from fans and/or media. Maybe a fighter you feel is better than their record and has had some hard luck outcomes. Maybe someone on the rise, maybe a veteran. I don’t know, I’m not you.

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