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Chris Eubank Jr says Jermall Charlo is not a likable guy, hopes to take him down a peg

The British fighter calls for a notable fight against the American titleholder.

Jermall Charlo v Dennis Hogan Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Chris Eubank Jr. tells Sky Sports that he’s looking for an opportunity to face WBC middleweight titleholder Jermall Charlo, with Eubank saying he’d take great pleasure is taking the belt off Charlo’s hands. The British fighter says he’s met Charlo on a couple of occasions and that Charlo hasn’t exactly endeared himself in those instances...

“He is not a likeable guy. Some people say I’m arrogant or cocky but I’m a down to earth, decent guy. This guy’s head is in the clouds. He thinks that he’s more than he is. I would take great pleasure in taking him down a peg or two.”

The 30-year-old Eubank would continue by saying that he can’t afford to take any steps back in his career at this point so is really only looking towards big names while mentioning that Charlo hasn’t fought any true competition to this point.

“Anyone can look big and strong and fast against weak opponents. That’s all he’s had in his career. Until he fights someone like me, he will find out that this isn’t the game that he thought it was.”

Charlo, 29, is most recently coming off a stoppage win over Dennis Hogan last December and has fought Brandon Adams, Matt Korobov, Hugo Centeno Jr, and Jorge Heiland in his four preceding fights. Maybe Charlo could use a little more of a high profile fight, but that, of course, would require him to face more dangerous competition.

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