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Keith Thurman responds to claim that Adrien Broner would stop him in two rounds

Thurman, needless to say, didn’t take it that seriously.

During this video featuring Keith Thurman and Source Magazine, the former welterweight champion responds to a claim that Adrien Broner would stop him in only two rounds of action. Check out Thurman’s reply...

“AB ends me in two rounds?! Oh my gosh!” Thurman said. “AB doesn’t end his grandma in two rounds. I bet AB’s children slap him back, okay! He don’t throw no hands. Oh my gosh. But he said AB ends me in two rounds? He don’t throw two punches in two rounds, okay. He throws two punches in like four rounds. Like, calm down, sir.”

Thurman would then quickly discuss how he’s been coping with the coronavirus pandemic, trying to keep a strong mentality just as if he were fighting.

“If you’re here today, if you’re healthy today, there’s gotta be a reason, man. Just believe that you can overcome all obstacles, that the spirit within you can overcome all obstacles, that everything in life is nothing but a test, do you know what I mean. What makes really great champions? It’s not about being knocked down, it’s how you get up. Great champions come back like great champions, you know, and that’s from the spirit though.

“No matter what life is bringing at you, it’s all just a test, man...the shit you’re going through, it’s a test. And you wanna know what it’s testing, it’s testing whether or not you can keep a smile.”

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