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Floyd Mayweather responds to Errol Spence saying he would beat him in a fight

Mayweather says believing you’d win is a part of being a fighter.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In a conversation with Fight Hype, Floyd Mayweather takes a question on his response to Errol Spence saying that he would beat him if they ever met in their primes.

“I’m proud of Errol, he’s supposed to believe in his skills, he’s supposed to believe in his talent,” Mayweather began. “I want all these fighters to believe that if they were facing Floyd Mayweather they would win. I’m proud of him and I want him to continue to believe in his skills and believe in his talent.

“I can’t say anything about no fighter. All I gotta say about me is when it was my time, when I was fighting, every time I went out there I worked extremely hard and dedicated myself to my craft. So I want every fighter to continue to believe in themselves. Any fighter that they ask that question to, even if they did or didn’t believe it, I want them to say they would win. That’s apart of being a fighter.

“I was disciplined all around the board, as a fighter. When I say disciplined, I wasn’t just disciplined in the ring, or just in training camp — just period. No drugs, no smoking, no drinking. I lived a clean life and I worked extremely hard just to be the best. You can’t talk about you want to be the best and, you know, you can’t just live boxing for eight weeks — meaning in training camp. It takes longer than eight weeks, it’s a lifestyle you gotta live throughout your whole career.

“If a fighter think that they can abuse certain things and get up in their late 30s and continue to fight these young lions, it’s not gonna happen. It’ll catch up to you.”

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