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Floyd Mayweather checks Ryan Garcia for ducking Rolando Romero, Garcia fires back

Mayweather says before Garcia starts calling out all of the champions, he first needs to take care of Romero.

In this interview with Fight Hype, Floyd Mayweather makes it a point to pull the card of young Golden Boy star Ryan Garcia, who has been all over social media engaging with various names, from Abner Mares to UFC’s Henry Cejudo.

“Somebody just showed me something with a little up-and-coming fighter, I think a kid named Ryan Garcia,” Mayweather began. “So the young kid [Teofimo] Lopez, you got Devin Haney, you got Tank — this guy [Garcia] talking about, ‘You guys ain’t Floyd Mayweather’ as far as with those guys using the shoulder roll.

“Listen, I take my hat off to those three fighters, ‘cause those three fighters are world champions. And the guy that’s [coming at] those three fighters, he hasn’t even won a title at all. That’s what I’m trying to say, shit in boxing is crazy nowadays. You can’t knock a guy for doing something that you have never done yet. You can’t do that.”

Mayweather then referenced a sparring session with Rolando “Rolly” Romero that Garcia had at Floyd’s gym.

“I’m not here to bash [Garcia], but this is the same fighter that came to the Mayweather Boxing Gym and boxed Rolly and ran out the gym,” he said. “This the same fighter. We got plenty of footage. So before you call out Devin Haney, before you call out the Lopez champion, before you call out Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, get past Rolly first! And I gave him this offer a long time ago. He’s ducking Rolly!” — Wil

For what it’s worth, Garcia did hit back on Twitter:

Now that’s a true “sorry, not sorry.” Garcia just continues to do his thing, but man, he’s really setting himself up to be a “heel” in boxing at this rate. He’s already rubbed many people the wrong way, and the more stuff like this we get, the more it’s going to happen on a wider scale. If he backs it up, then he backs it up. Floyd did. So maybe he is trying to be like Mayweather. — Scott

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