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Josh Warrington says he wants to fight Shakur Stevenson ‘sooner than later’

The IBF titleholder says Stevenson is in his sights.

Josh Warrington Press Conference Photo by George Wood/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

IBF featherweight titleholder Josh Warrington says Shakur Stevenson is a good talent but has thus far only faced tailor-made opponents which have allowed him to look exceptional. With Warrington stating that he’s open to a fight against Stevenson, he assures Stevenson that the fight would present a dynamic that he hasn’t yet faced.

“I’m not saying he wouldn’t be a tough fight. But he hasn’t been in deep water situations. He talks confidently about coming over to the UK and fighting me in my back yard. But he hasn’t been in those kind of scenarios.

“I don’t worry about him getting better and better. Some people peak early. He’s a big featherweight - I want to fight him sooner rather than later, not because I’m worried about him improving, but he’s mentioned that he wants to move up divisions.”

Stevenson, who obviously caught wind of Warrington’s comments, then took to social media to post this response to Warrington.

In the meantime it looks like Warrington will attempt to resurrect a fight against Can Xu, whom he had previously been in negotiations with and thinks he’ll face before the end of the year. But should Warrington get past that bout, how do you all feel about a Warrington-Stevenson fight?

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