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Watch: Mike Tyson is still terrifying on the pads at 53

The former heavyweight champion of the world is working out a bit and, well, jeez.

Hublot & WBC “Night of Champions” Gala Photo by Omar Vega/HUBLOT via Getty Images

Recently, Mike Tyson said he was going to start working out again and doing some boxing training in preparation for some possible charity exhibition bouts.

He may or may not do any exhibitions, but he is working out. And at age 53, and very possibly quite high, Mike Tyson still looks terrifying hitting the pads:

Like, come on, man. Tyson is by his own admission nowhere near ring shape, he’s long past his best days as an athlete, and still look at this.

Many others were impressed, too.

“My brother you got me ready to run thru a MF wall now,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson replied, with UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov adding, “Can’t believe, this is another level.”

Not a lot else to say. It’s a look at Mike Tyson throwing those hands once again. The power is still there, it seems, the speed can’t be faked — no one sane will suggest he make some actual boxing comeback at his age, because there’s a lot more to the game than just throwing punches, but this is a look at what a world class boxer can still do getting up there in age.

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