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Adrien Broner won't be getting $10 million to fight, so now a ‘full-time rapper’

A matured Adrien Broner has found his calling outside of the ring.

Manny Pacquiao v Adrien Broner Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

I don't know if this will come as a shock to you but Adrien Broner won't be getting his king's ransom of $10 million dollars to fight again, as Broner himself admits that neither manager Al Haymon nor Showtime's Stephen Espinoza has shown any inclination to produce those kind of funds for his services.

And that comes as a pretty big surprise considering Broner has only put up one underwhelming performance after another in recent years. So now Broner announces he's a full- time rapper and part-time armed robber, back in the streets where he feels most comfortable.

“I ain’t gonna lie, I been staying in Cincinnati for about the last month, and this shit done changed me all the way back,” Broner said on Instagram. “I ain’t AB no more. When y’all see me don’t call me AB, I’m ‘Twin’. This shit changed me all the way back to ‘Twin.’ This shit over with. They ain’t talkin’ about my $10 million, Al Haymon and Stephen Espinoza, they ain’t hit me up, they ain’t talkin’ bout my 10, so I’m ‘Twin’. Fuck that, I’m a street n***a. I’m a rapper, full-time rapper, I told y’all that.

“So anybody that think they gonna disrespect and talk crazy to me, don’t do it because I’m at the point right now where I might rob you. I might rob you. I’m just being honest. Just because. I’m back. The streets don’t respect nothin’ but violence anyway. I’m safe out here, I feel way more comfortable out here.

“See when I was a superstar and a star and all that shit, I got in trouble because I wasn’t comfortable. Out here I don’t get in trouble, this is normal day shit. I’ll rob the fuck outta you, say something stupid to me. And my shit still droppin’ ‘Still Adjusting To Fame’. On God! And I dare one of you rappers try me! I’ma do y’all bad. Y’all can’t beat me, I’ma knock one of y’all out on camera and put it up. What y’all gonna sue me? Then y’all career gonna be over. And if y’all wanna go to some extra street shit, I’ma shoot the fuck outta you. On God! On God ‘n ‘em, and y’all know I don’t know who ‘n ‘em’ is.

“What’s it, 93 degrees out this bitch? I’m out this bitch in Tims. Dirty ones! Tims! Fuck is you talkin’ bout, man. I’ma street n***a, I don’t give a fuck. All I change is socks and drawers, every day. Motherfucker just called me for $2,000, I’m about to go pay him in $10s and $5s. On God!”

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