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Eddie Hearn lays out the vision for ‘fight camp’ at Brentwood home

Hearn takes us on a quick virtual tour of his grounds.

Scott Quigg & Jono Carroll Press Conference Photo by George Wood/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn is eager to kick off his ‘fight camp,’ which will host four cards over a month’s time in the backyard of his Brentwood mansion, which also doubles as the Matchroom headquarters. So while taking fans on a quick tour of his grounds, Hearn explains the vision for this venue:

“So this is the Matchroom HQ here,” Hearn said while showing off his grounds. “And this is where we’re gonna be staging our ‘fight camp.’ We’re gonna have four shows here over four weeks.

“You probably can’t see on here, but basically you can see all of London down there,” as Hearn focuses the camera off in the distance. “So we just got to decide whether the backdrop is gonna be the office (the mansion), or the backdrop should be London.

“We’re looking at July. To be honest, I was looking at July 4th but I will be more like the middle of July to be honest. So what we’re looking to do is, the fighters will come down the stairs, this will all be lit up, branded everywhere, fireworks going off in that field to ‘Sweet Caroline’, fireworks going off in [the adjacent] field, London in the background.

“It’s gonna be fantastic because we’re gonna be able to broadcast here all week with build-up shows, with weigh-ins, with press conferences. And the thing is, when you’re doing a show in a studio, how much of a buzz can you get when you come out to fight? Whereas here, when the house is lit up, the offices are lit up, we got the canopy up here, fireworks going off all around — this is gonna be something different.”

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