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Joel Diaz says Manny Pacquiao destroys Danny Garcia after breaking down styles

The trainer says Garcia is too slow on his feet to deal with someone like Pacquiao.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Trainer Joel Diaz takes some time to chat with Fight Hub TV about some potential fights on the table for Manny Pacquiao. Several names have been connected to the Filipino icon as possibilities, and Diaz gives his take on what he thinks the best fight for Pacquiao is.

Diaz on if Pacquiao is better suited to face a smaller fighter like Mikey Garcia, or someone like Danny Garcia:

“I think Manny Pacquiao would destroy Danny Garcia. Stylistically, yeah. Danny Garcia is slow, flat-footed. Danny Garcia’s a flat-footed fighter. Strong, young, but flat-footed, he focuses a lot on his left hook. I mean, when have you seen anybody catch Pacquiao with a left hook?

“Stylistically I think that right hand does a lot of damage to Manny Pacquiao and, I mean, this guy Mikey Garcia has a great right hand. I mean he sets up the jab and he throws the right hand, he throws it with bad intentions. And I think sooner or later in a fight Mikey Garcia will eventually catch Manny Pacquiao, because Manny’s a risk taker. He goes for it.

“Manny’s not one of those guys that’s just gonna be there feeling you out, he’s a go-getter. And like I said, those guys, they risk and they get caught.”

On Danny Garcia having a reputation for good timing if not fast:

“Yeah, Danny has good timing but comparing speeds, honestly, I believe Manny Pacquiao will destroy Danny Garcia.”

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