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Oscar De La Hoya goes on tirade aimed at UFC President Dana White

Well, here we go again with this one, I suppose.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Oscar De La Hoya has been thrust into the news this week because of his comments about being able to knock UFC star Conor McGregor out in two rounds if the two met in a boxing match, and now the 47-year-old Golden Boy CEO and Chairman has turned his attention to an old rival: UFC President Dana White.

De La Hoya and White have gone back-and-forth in the media plenty, and while Oscar seemed to want to take the high road to some degree after the the pretty glorious failure of the one and only Golden Boy MMA card in late 2018 (which went slightly better than the oft-promised Zuffa Boxing from White, in that at least one card ever took place), that apparently is once again out the window.

Oscar sent a Tweet to White this evening, twice calling him a “little bitch” and criticizing White’s credentials:

In case it gets deleted, here’s what Oscar said:

“@danawhite you are such a little bitch, never laced a glove other than being a box aerobics teacher. The Fertitta brothers are the ones who built the business and you were lucky enough to just have 10% of UFC. #littlebitch”

White, who is busy with tomorrow’s UFC 249 card on ESPN+ pay-per-view, has not responded yet, but probably will at some point. He’s never shied away from this sort of thing before and I doubt he will now.

As for the McGregor thing, Oscar clarified earlier that there was, in fact, no “challenge” for McGregor to accept:

Maybe the 47-year-old De La Hoya and the 50-year-old White should fight. Obviously it’s unfair to do it as a straight boxing match, but maybe there’s some rule set that could be used, or Oscar could have a hand tied behind his back like that time in WCW Chris Jericho wrestled referee Nick Patrick.

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