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Derek Chisora pondering move to Bellator MMA

The boxing veteran says he’s serious about going to mixed martial arts for a fight.

O2 Arena Boxing Photo by Paul Harding/PA Images via Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Derek Chisora still expects to fight Oleksandr Usyk in a boxing ring at some point, but with that bout on ice and no date announced after its postponement, the 36-year-old heavyweight brawler is looking to make a move to Bellator MMA for his next fight.

Chisora (32-9, 23 KO) told Sky Sports that he’s serious about the idea:

“I’m ready. I said to [manager David Haye] the other day: ‘Can you get me into a cage fight? Because I’m ready to go.’ So I think we’re working on that now, an MMA fight. I need it, so my next fight might be MMA or Usyk. ... I’m a fighter. I love fighting, I don’t want to look back when I finish, I want to look back and be happy. So do an MMA fight, finish it quick, jog on and fight Usyk, knock him out then go home and celebrate.”

Chisora says that Bellator “said yes” to the idea and that Haye is “working on it now.”

I will maintain my normal stance that if Chisora goes to Bellator and fights someone who knows what they’re doing and doesn’t land The Punch, he’ll be in trouble. Bellator isn’t quite UFC but it is high-level MMA, not some local outlaw mudshow with a cage set up in a Moose Lodge or whatever.

That said, I respect Chisora’s willingness to fight anyone and give it a go. Maybe he’ll fight in Bellator, maybe he won’t. If he does, good luck to him.

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