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Highlights: Adam Lopez edges Louie Coria in Fight of the Year candidate

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It’s a weird year in boxing, and this one’s a front-runner for Fight of the Year in mid-June.

2020 has been and likely will continue to be a very strange year for everything, and that includes boxing.

We’re coming up on the halfway point of the year, when we sort of have an idea about year-end awards contenders, or at least usually some contenders for things like Fight of the Year. We do have some, but with boxing basically being shut down from mid-March until mid-June, certainly less than normal.

To date, some contenders:

Maybe you have some others, and there have certainly been other good fights, but if I was narrowing it down for brevity (AND I AM!) those would be my choices — with the addition to the list of last night’s fight between Adam Lopez and Louie Coria, a majority decision for Lopez.

Take a look at the highlights for yourself, but if you can, watch the full fight if you missed it. Both guys showed a lot of grit, toughness, and determination, and the 21-year-old Coria’s relentlessness has to be respect. He may have only had one plan, but damned if it didn’t nearly turn out to be enough.

This was just a good, hard-hitting fight between two hungry young warriors who came to win. You can’t ask a lot more of that, especially right now. This was the fight where it felt like boxing was truly “back,” as we’ve heard touted all week.