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Greer vs Plania: Live streaming results, round by round updates and discussion

Joshua Greer Jr takes on Mike Plania in tonight’s main event on ESPN.

Mikey Williams/Top Rank


Round By Round

Joshua Greer Jr vs Mike Plania

Round 1: Greer comes out with a flashy jab as he tries to establish the range he wants to fight at. Plania hasn’t thrown many punches yet as he tries to acclimate himself to Greer’s speed. NOW A BIG LEAD LEFT HAND PUTS GREER FLAT ON HIS BACK! Greer gets up and looks a little embarrassed by how he just got dropped. Plania is looking really comfortable now that he knows he has to the power to put Greer down with one shot. Right hand from Plania pushes Greer back off the ropes. Right hand scores to the body for Greer. Plania stalks and Greer tries to pick him off with a right hand. Plania 10-8.

Round 2: Jabs come from Greer who then moves off to the side to find room for more. Hard right hand lands to the body for Greer. Greer bounces to both sides as he gives Plania a difficult target. Jab lands for Plania this time. Lead left hook from Greer gets blocked. Plania throws three ineffective punches as Greer defends. Another right hand to the body scores for Greer. Lead left hook lands for Plania upstairs — Greer needs to find an answer for that shot. Greer ducks two shots from Plania and pivots back to center ring where he lands a jab. Good boxing round for Greer. Greer 10-9, 18-19.

Round 3: Jab falls short for Plania. Greer is trying his best to keep this fight on the outside where he can use his speed to outbox Plania. Three punches from Greer don’t land as he comes forward. Plania throws another left hook that partially lands upstairs. Plania is obviously looking for that left hook from which he’s had early success. Counter lands for Plania. Jab comes back and lands for Greer. Right hand scrapes the body for Plania. Two punches come from Greer but they don’t land clean. I think I’m going to edge this round to Plania. Plania 10-9.

Round 4: Jab falls short for Greer. Right hand to the body scores for Greer this time. Check hook from Plania doesn’t land clean, who then misses on a big right hand to the body moments later. Greer uses lateral movement to circle Plania and get back to center ring. Lead left hook from Plania lands again, Greer still has no answer for that shot. Greer tries a lead left hook that makes a little contact. Plania takes his time as he waits for Greer to settle down so he can land another big shot. Right hand to the body makes a little contact for Greer. Greer jabs and moves. Big right hand from Plania just barely misses upstairs. Three more punches from Plania hit air as Greer slips away. Well, I guess Greer had more of his way in this round. Greer 10-9, 37-38.

Round 5: Jab from Plania gets blocked. Greer moves around and then comes to center ring and throws a couple shots as Plania covers up. Plania wants to respond but Greer decides to go on the move instead and ends up ducking a couple shots. Now Plania lands a left hand to the body instead. Greer comes back with another right to the body. Jab comes from Greer, who then partially lands an uppercut behind it. Left to the body strays low and Greer complains about it and gets a moment to collect himself. Greer doesn’t take long before wanting to resume. Right hand from Plania doesn’t find a home. Left from Plania makes contact this time, though. Lead left hand from Greer misses. Plania dares Greer to stand and fight but Greer is content with what he’s doing. Jab lands for Greer. Right hand counter lands for Plania. Close round, I’m leaning towards Plania. Plania 10-9.

Round 6: Jab comes quick from Greer and makes some contact. Right hand scores to the body for Greer but then Plania throws five hard right hands to Greer’s body in a row! Plania continues with a jab and a right hand downstairs. Right hand lands low again for Plania but Greer comes back and lands a jab upstairs. Right hand lands upstairs for Plania now. Both fighters just miss as they exchange big punches. Right hand scores for Plania again to the body. HARD LEFT HOOK PUTS GREER DOWN AGAIN! Greer gets up immediately but the damage on the scores is done. Plania 10-8, 58-54.

Round 7: Greer’s corner tells him that he’s down several points at this point in the fight. Greer has to turn it up now. Plania misses on a few jabs. Double left hook comes from Plania. Plania throws two jabs and then mugs at Greer. Plania is way too comfortable in this fight. Two uppercuts to the body land for Greer. Three punches come from Greer but don’t make much impact. Plania lands yet another left hook upstairs to which Greer still has no answer. Double left hook comes from Plania again to the body. Clean left hook lands for Greer this time, then two body shots. Plania still in control so far as I can tell, though. Plania 10-9.

Round 8: Greer starts with a combination but doesn’t land much clean. Plania blocks a couple more punches but then takes two body shots from Greer. Right hand lands for Greer, then another shot. Greer digs the body with a left hand. Four left hooks come from Plania but Greer comes back with an uppercut that lands. Greer is trying to mix thigns upt and no longer box with Plania, which is a good move at this point. Uppercut and right hand lands for Greer. Greer is having a much better round against Plania while he’s fighting him instead of boxing him. Greer steps in Plania’s chest and rattles off some quick punches. More body shots land for Greer on the inside. Right hand lands upstairs for Greer, Plania comes back with a couple. Two more punches for Greer at the bell. Greer 10-9.

Round 9: Greer tries to pick up where he left off and lands a number of clean punches on Plania. Greer continues to come forward and it’s Plania who is moving backwards now. Right hand to the body lands for Greer. Greer lands a right hand upstairs and Plania tries to find space for himself. The tenor of this fight has changed dramatically since the last round. Plania no longer looks like the bully. Two punches land upstairs for Greer, who then gets tied up by Plania on the ropes. Right uppercut from Plania makes a little contact. Greer continues to come forward and tries to dog Plania. Uppercut lands for Plania as Greer walks into it. Greer ducks a sweeping right hook from Plania. Greer 10-9.

Round 10: Last round and Greer needs something big. Left hand from Greer misses as he immediately tries to maul Plania. Three arm punches come from Plania and don’t land. Right hand to the body and head comes from Greer. Plania tries to throw back but gets smothered. Right hand from Plania lands on Greer’s shoulder. Plania ties up Greer along the ropes to wind down the clock. Greer comes forward and lands a couple more punches but they don’t do much damage. Greer walks into two punches from Plania. Plania ties up Greer again along the ropes to draw down the clock. Two punches come from Plania but get gets pushed back to the ropes. I’ll give this last round to Greer, 10-9, but it doesn’t matter, he was down too much. Plania 95-93.

Giovani Santillan vs Antonio DeMarco

Round 1: DeMarco comes out measuring with a jab before he lets one go that gets caught on the guard. Santillan starts pressing forward now and trades hooks with DeMarco. Now both fighters trade jabs at center ring. Santillan jabs to the body and makes some contact. Lead left hand from DeMarco makes partial contact. Now Santillan comes back with a clean jab. Uppercut lands to the body for Santillan during a combination. Now Santillan lands a good one up top. Santillan continues to press and lands a right hook to the head. DeMarco throws two back and makes a little contact. Santillan 10-9.

Round 2: DeMarco uses some more measuring jabs but doesn’t land anything. Santillan throws a clean right jab upstairs. Now Santillan presses DeMarco towards the ropes and lands a couple of good head shots. DeMarco comes back with a right hook downstairs. DeMarco misses on a lead left but lands a jab to the body. Santillan comes back with a stiff jab to the face. Right hook makes partial contact for Santillan. Jab makes contact three times for Santillan with DeMarco having his back on the ropes. DeMarco goes back to the body and lands one. Both fighters trade at center ring and Santillan seems to be landing the better shots. Left to the body lands for Santillan and DeMarco claims it was low. Santillan 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Santillan feints a couple times and then throws a jab that falls short. Two jabs land for Santillan but he misses on the follow up straight left. Santillan catches a jab from DeMarco. Santillan goes back to the body and lands a good one. Chopping left hand lands up close for Santillan. DeMarco stands in and encourages Santillan to throw more punches as he tries to cover up. Now DeMarco comes forward and throws a right hook to the body. Chopping left hand lands again on the top of DeMarco’s head, who complains to the referee. Combination comes from Santillan but DeMarco slips most of them. Double right hook lands for Santillan, hook lands back for DeMarco. I think DeMarco is game but Santillan is controlling the fight. Santillan 10-9.

Round 4: Santillan falls short on a couple jabs as DeMarco pulls back. Hook lands upstairs for Santillan now. Three more punches come from Santillan with DeMarco on the ropes. Several right hands from Santillan come in quick succession but DeMarco steps in close and fires back. Jab misses for DeMarco, Santillan misses on a lead hook. Three punches land on DeMarco as he covers up. Hard right hook lands for DeMarco this time, who then follows it up with a couple more. Uppercut lands on the inside for DeMarco. Santillan lands a jab upstairs. Another uppercut gets in for DeMarco. I actually think DeMarco’s uppercuts on the inside take this round for him. DeMarco 10-9, 37-39.

Round 5: DeMarco comes out stalking and misses on a lead right uppercut. Santillan misses on a couple punches he tries to counter with. Now both fighters trade punches. Clean jab lands upstairs for Santillan, then a left hand, then a right hook. Right hook lands to the body for Santillan. Clean short left hand lands over the top for Santillan Right hook gets in for Santillan this time. DeMarco misses on a straight left hand lead and then takes a few body shots from Santillan that stray a little low. Clean left hand lands for Santillan upstairs. Now DeMarco lands the lead left hand. Now DeMarco lands a quick one-one-two. A little too late, I think Santillan still carried most of the round. Santillan 10-9.

Round 6: Jab misses for Santillan. DeMarco falls short on his own jab. Jab to the body lands for Santillan this time. Jab lands upstairs for Santillan again. One-one-two lands for Santillan. Right hook lands to the body for DeMarco. Left hand lands upstairs for Santillan. Two hooks make a little contact for Santillan but DeMarco comes back with two clean uppercuts that gets Santillan’s attention. Santillan is bleeding from his nose now. Right hook to the body lands for DeMarco. Both fighters trade shots at center ring. Both fighters stand in close and take turns throwing shots. DeMarco isn’t backing down. DeMarco 10-9, 56-58.

Round 7: Right hook lands for Santillan. DeMarco misses on a left uppercut. Now DeMarco throws a couple of jabs and Santillan tries to work but DeMarco comes right back. Right hook lands to the body for DeMarco twice. Santillan lands a straight left hand to the head. Double left hand comes from Santillan but DeMarco fires two right hooks to the body. Another right hook lands to the body for DeMarco. Santillan backs off and DeMarco looks to go to the body again. Now Santillan throws a couple shots but they’re a little ineffective. One more right hook and a left hand lands for DeMarco, who is taunting Santillan. DeMarco 10-9.

Round 8: Time out called to start the round so they can cut some loose tape on Santillan’s left glove. Santillan is able to get a good breather during this time so let’s see how he comes out this round. Jab to the body makes a little contact for Santillan One-two from Santillan doesn’t find the mark. Glancing left hand lands for Santillan. Uppercut lands for Santillan this time. DeMarco starts marching forward now but walks into two left hands from Santillan. DeMarco is back on the ropes and takes a right hand from Santillan. Both fighters trade along the ropes. Both fighters trade again and both land. Jab lands for Santillan. Now a left hand lands upstairs for Santillan. Now DeMarco lands his own jab. Counter left hand lands for Santillan. I think Santillan outworked DeMarco here. Santillan 10-9, 77-75.

Round 9: Santillan gets in a strafing shot but DeMarco steps in and throws two shots that partially land. Santillan steps forward and throws a quick combination but not mch lands. Now Santillan continues to throw combinations. DeMarco lands another right to the body. Jab to the body makes a little contact for DeMarco. Jab lands clean upstairs for Santillan Cuffing left hand makes contact for Santillan. DeMarco flashes a jab and then tries for another uppercut. Right hand lands to the body lands for DeMarco. Three quick punches come from Santillan again. Hard right hook lands for DeMarco downstairs but I think Santillan outworked him again. Santillan 10-9.

Round 10: DeMarco’s corner tells him he needs to win this round. Fighters touch gloves. Left hook to the body misses for Santillan. Jab to the body scores for Santillan. Both fighters trade shots but neither land clean. DeMarco throws two punches but they don’t land. Now DeMarco skips along the ropes and Santillan comes forward with a flurry of punches. Clean left hand lands upstairs for Santillan. Right hook, right uppercut comes from Santillan. Straight left lands to the body for Santillan. DeMarco hasn’t been doing a lot of punching in this round but he does land a right hook. Straight right lands for DeMarco now. Santillan rattles off three quick punches. DeMarco lands a shot back. Both fighters trade to end the fight. Santillan 10-9. I’ve for it for Santillan with a number of close rounds that I thought he edged out on activity, 97-93.

Tonight at 8 pm ET on ESPN, Joshua Greer Jr meets Mike Plania in the 10-round main event of Top Rank Boxing from the empty MGM Grand Conference Center — being called “The Bubble” for funsies and kicks — in Las Vegas.

Wil Esco will be on the RBR calls for the main event and the co-feature, with the co-feature opening the show.

Greer is looking to work his way to a title shot in the bantamweight division, but the 26-year-old from Chicago has struggled a bit in his last two bouts, though he did win both on the cards. Plania, a 23-year-old from the Philippines who’s been in Florida recently, is looking to break through himself, shooting for the upset.

The co-feature will see Giovanni Santillan, a 28-year-old untested welterweight from San Diego, look to make some waves against 34-year-old Antonio DeMarco, a former lightweight titleholder who is now fighting on at welterweight, past his prime but still with enough fire to expose Santillan if there is exposing to be done.

Join us tonight!

Main Card (ESPN, 8 pm ET)

  • Joshua Greer Jr (22-1-1, 12 KO) vs Mike Plania (23-1, 12 KO), junior featherweights, 10 rounds
  • Bobirzhan Mominov (10-0, 8 KO) vs Cameron Krael (17-15-3, 4 KO), junior middleweights, 8 rounds
  • Hector Perez (6-2, 3 KO) vs Juan Torres (5-2-1, 2 KO), heavyweights, 6 rounds
  • Nika Sekhniashvili (5-0, 4 KO) vs Isiah Jones (8-1, 3 KO), middleweights, 6 rounds
  • Giovanni Santillan (25-0, 15 KO) vs Antonio DeMarco (33-8-1, 24 KO), welterweights, 10 rounds

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