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Joshua Greer Jr reflects on upset loss to Mike Plania, makes no excuses

Greer was nothing but class in defeat.

Joshua Greer Jr v Mike Plania Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Things clearly didn’t go as planned for Joshua Greer Jr. last night, getting floored by Mike Plania twice en-route to a majority decision loss. But in the immediate aftermath of the fight Greer took some time to chat with Bernardo Osuna about what went wrong, and kept it classy all the way through.

Greer on how he’s feeling after the loss:

“It’s heartbreaking. I worked very hard. I did get caught with some shots I didn’t see but I gotta take my losses like I take my wins. I gotta go back to the drawing board, figure some things out and get back with my team and work even harder. I’m gonna make a push again, you know. It just was Mike Plania’s night tonight, he done a great job, and I tip my hat off to him. But I’ll be back.

On if the change in opponent adversely affected him:

“No, it didn’t affect me at all. There’s no excuses from me, man. Mike Plania was just the better man tonight, you know, and the smarter man in the end — no excuses, man. He won, I tip my hat off to him. Mike Plania’s the winner, I gotta go back to the drawing board.”

On what he learned from this fight:

“I adapted a little too late. I found out he couldn’t fight inside too late. And I took some hooks that I shouldn’t have took, and when I jab I have my right hand down, and I paid the price for it. So I learned a lot of things tonight, I just gotta take it with a grain of salt and get back in the gym, get better, and keep working. But I will be back, man. I’m a true champion and I will be back. Trust me.”

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