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Shakur Stevenson looks forward to future showdown against Gervonta Davis

Stevenson says he expects them to eventually duke it out for all the marbles.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this conversation with Fight Hype, world titleholder Shakur Stevenson discusses what big fights he’s look towards, including one against Leo Santa Cruz and eventually Gervonta Davis. Check it out...

“I really want a Santa Cruz fight,” Stevenson said. “I just think that Santa Cruz is the person for me. He’s got the biggest name in the division, he’s got the most accolades, he been in the biggest fights. I think if they make a fight with me and him, I think that’ll be perfect...I think I’ll smoke him. I think I’ll smoke the shit outta Santa Cruz. Bad.”

On Santa Cruz being rumored for a Gervonta Davis fight next:

“I mean, but can we be realistic? Is he really gonna fight Tank? Can Tank make 130? I’m just saying like, his last fight he fought at ‘35, he came in a pound-and-a-half over, had to go lose that weight. Don’t seem like it’s easy to make 135, how he gonna make 130?”

On if Santa Cruz would be willing to go up to 135 for a bigger purse:

“He’ll be a dumbass to do that. But, shit, if that’s what he want, do it. I think that he got a better chance at making Tank come down to 130 and sucking him down instead of going up to 135 where Tank will feel stronger and more comfortable.

“[At] ‘35, Tank feeling good, Tank 100%, Santa Cruz can’t beat him, at all.”

About him potentially fighting Davis one day:

“I mean, I think that’s the biggest — that’s a big fight too...Me and Tank, I think we’re gonna be a real big fight. I been saying that, though. I been saying that in old interviews. I ain’t the type of person, I don’t duck no action. I’m a competitive type of person so I wanna fight the best, I wanna be in there with the best. I think that if me and him fight it’ll be a championship level fight and I’ma make sure I come out on top.”

On if his dedication to the sport would be the difference maker against Davis:

“Tank got a bunch of talent, Tank a very good fighter. I think I’m a lot more disciplined like inside and outside the ring. I mean he a really good fighter, you could never count Tank out. Tank one of the most talented — they try to compare him to like what AB was. Don’t get me wrong, AB is a helluva fighter too but I think Tank more talented than what AB was. Like I said, when me and him fight it’s gonna be a big, big fight for all the marbles and it’s gonna be a helluva fight. I think I’ma come out on top, though.”

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