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Sparks fly over Amanda Serrano-Katie Taylor rescheduling

Negotiations have been getting contentious, to say the least.

BOXING: JAN 30 Miami Fight Night Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Sunday’s boxing action was all on Twitter as Amanda Serrano, her promoter Lou DiBella, and Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn waged a war of words online. The heart of the issue seemed to be an issue of respect and the terms of rescheduling her fight against Katie Taylor, which had been originally slated for May 2nd until coronavirus wiped out the boxing schedule and largely shut down the world.

Recently Hearn attempted to reschedule the fight with Serrano taking a purse cut since there would be no live gate. Serrano completely shut down that notion, to which Hearn ultimately conceded, but when Hearn announced a new date of Aug. 22 for the fight, Serrano said she never agreed to that and even took aim at her own promoter.

DiBella would quickly chime in to say that Hearn was misrepresenting the facts (or even just flat out lying) and threw one real heater at Hearn himself, making a not-so-subtle comment about Hearn’s backyard setup.

DiBella backing Serrano up appeared to get him back into her good graces.

Eddie Hearn, for his part, mostly claimed that in Serrano’s original fight contract for May it allowed him the ability to reschedule a fight if necessary — which was obviously needed for the original date — and says he just looks forward to the fight happening.

Clearly this whole blow up is largely because Serrano felt disrespected that she’s learning of her new fight date through a press release, but hopefully it doesn’t prove to be a deal-breaker and we get what is probably the biggest fight in women’s boxing.

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