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Saucedo vs Fredrickson: Live streaming results, discussion, and round by round coverage

Alex Saucedo takes on Sonny Fredrickson in tonight’s Top Rank main event on ESPN.

Mikey Williams/Top Rank


Round By Round

Alex Saucedo vs Sonny Fredrickson

Round 1: Jab lands clean for Saucedo right away as he comes forward looking to do damage. Left hook lands to the body for Saucedo. Saucedo continues to apply early pressure as he jabs and throws and right hand behind it. Left to the body lands again for Saucedo. Another clean jab lands for Saucedo upstairs. Fredrickson tries to jab with him but doesn’t fare well. Double left hand lands to the body and as an uppercut for Saucedo. Now Fredrickson goes to the body with a left hand. Saucedo comes forward again and walks into a double jab but then strafes Fredrickson with several hard shots that has Fredrickson reeling! Right hand lands for Saucedo upstairs. Saucedo 10-9.

Round 2: Saucedo coming forward again and walks Fredrickson back towards the ropes. Left and right to the body land for Saucedo but Fredrickson comes back with his won body shots. Right hook lands downstairs for Saucedo, then a left hook a short time later. Jab lands upstairs for Saucedo. One-two lands clean for Saucedo. Now Fredrickson eats a couple more jabs before pawing with his own. Jab and left hook to the body lands for Saucedo. Short left uppercut lands to the body for Saucedo this time. Now Fredrickson lands a couple of flicking jabs. Saucedo 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Fredrickson lands a body shot off the ropes but is under tremendous pressure as he then get strafed with a right hook to the head. Sharp jab lands clean for Saucedo. Three jabs come from Saucedo now as he probes for a power shot to follow. Jab lands clean for Saucedo again, then a left hook downstairs. Jab and right hand lands for Saucedo. Right hook finds a home to the body for Saucedo again. Fredrickson throws an uppercut to the body that stays a little low. Saucedo throws a combination and then tries to leap into a right hand a short time later. Right hook to the body lands for Fredrickson but it’s not good enough. Saucedo 10-9.

Round 4: Jab come from Fredrickson but doesn’t find the mark. Now Fredrickson lands a few shots as he unloads a barrage of punches at center ring. Saucedo takes it and comes forward and now Fredrickson is back along the ropes again. Jab lands to the body for Saucedo, then a left to the body. Fredrickson counters off the ropes and landsa a jab. Now Saucedo gets a jab back and lands a straight right hand. Counter right hand gets in again for Saucedo. Jabs land for Saucedo but Fredrickson comes back with a couple punches of his own. Overhand right lands for Fredrickson. Saucedo pushes Fredrickson to the ropes and looks for hooks to the body as Fredrickson counters. I think Fredrickson had some pretty good counters there. Fredrickson 10-9, 37-39.

Round 5: Jab to the body lands for Saucedo, then one up to the head. Left hook lands upstairs for Saucedo, then another. Fredrickson throws three wide punches that don’t land. Short uppercut makes contact for Fredrickson. Fredrickson looks for another right uppercut but makes contact with a left hook that follows. Fredrickson backs himself into a corner and gets strafed with some shots from Saucedo. Left hook to the body lands well for Saucedo. Jabs come from Fredrickson at long range as he momentarily controls the distance. Jabs come from Fredrickson again, then a left hook, then a right hook! Okay. Fredrickson 10-9.

Round 6: Fredrickson wants to keep this fight at range and use his height which he’s been having better success with. Jab comes from Saucedo but he’s not able to close the distance as effectively now. Nicely timed left hook lands for Saucedo. Jab and left hook lands for Saucedo. Fredrickson flicks a jab off the ropes but then eats a right hand, left hook, and a body shot. More punches land for Saucedo with Fredrickson on the ropes again. Sharp jabb lands for Fredrickson. Saucedo comes forward and strafes him with a few more shots. Right hook to the body lands for Saucedo. I think Fredrickson gave up that round. Saucedo 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Fredrickson’s corner yells at him to stay off the ropes. Jab lands to the body for Vargas. Both fighters trade jabs this time. Jab gets in for Saucedo. Fredrickson throws a few jabs but they dont’ land well. Left hook for Saucedo gets in upstairs. Fredrickson throws a combination to the body and head and makes some contact. Sharp jab lands for Saucedo. Two more jabs land for Saucedo. Right hand lead gets in for Fredrickson but Saucedo presses forward only to be met by a couple punches from Fredrickson. Saucedo comes forward with a few shots that don’t land clean. I’m going to edge this one to Saucedo but it was close. Saucedo 10-9.

Round 8: Both fighters trade shots at center ring. Jab from Saucedo pierces Fredrickson’s guard. One-two makes contact for Saucedo. Jabs come from Fredrickson and he lands a few upstairs. Right hook lands to the body for Saucedo, Fredrickson lands two body shots back. Fredrickson throws some more long jabs but takes a right hand from Saucedo. Fredrickson counters with his own shot and then lands an uppercut shortly after. Both fighters trading punches at center ring. Jab lands for Fredrickson. Three more punches come from Fredrickson at the end of the round but they don’t land clean. Fredrickson 10-9, 75-77.

Round 9: Saucedo works his jab to good effect. One-two comes from Saucedo as he starts pressing some more. Fredrickson lays back and eats a strong right hand from Saucedo. Saucedo works the body with both hands. Jab lands for Saucedo. Now Saucedo targets the body with a right hook. Right hand lands upstairs for Saucedo this time. Fredrickson throws an ineffective combination. Right hand lands for Saucedo with Fredrickson back on the ropes. Right hand lands for Saucedo downstairs. Jab and right hand lands for Saucedo. Saucedo 10-9.

Round 10: Jab from Fredrickson makes partial contact. Now Fredrickson slips and touches the canvas. Jabs come from Saucedo, then some more, then an uppercut that misses from range. One-two lands clean for Saucedo. Fredrickson throws three slapping punches on the inside. Right hand lands clean for Fredrickson this time, though. Jab, hook and right hand makes contact for Saucedo. Left hook lands to the body for Saucedo. More punches from Saucedo strafe Fredrickson upstairs. Jab to the head and body land for Saucedo, then a left hook moments later. Saucedo takes the round and the fight on my card. Saucedo 97-93.

Josue Vargas vs Salvador Briceno

Round 1: Vargas starts with a jab that misses as Briceno tries to counter. Briceno is clearly much taller and longer than Vargas, it really stands out. Vargas seems to be much better schooled though as he pops a jab to the body and head and gets off before Briceno. Now Briceno presses forward and lands a counter. Right hook lands clean for the southpaw Vargas. Briceno misses on a lead right hand and Vargas just misses on a counter hook upstairs. Jab to the body lands for Vargas. Left hook makes some contact for Briceno. Combination comes from Vargas and scores well. Two left hands make more contact for Vargas. Good round for Vargas but I hope he can keep the pace because it doesn’t seem like he can afford to fade against Briceno. Vargas 10-9.

Round 2: Jab lands for Vargas who then pivots and lands a clean left hand. Vargas is landing clean but having to work very hard at the much bigger man. It looks like Briceno is intent on just walking through Vargas’ punches and wearing him down with relentless pressure. Combination comes from Vargas as he touches the body and head. Now Briceno whacks the body with his right hand on the inside. Both fighters trade but Vargas lands a clean hook upstairs. Counter hook lands again for Vargas but he just can’t put a dent in Briceno so far. Briceno touches the body with both hands. Vargas digs to the body himself and then brings a left hand upstairs. Two more hooks touch the body for Briceno now. Counter hook lands for Vargas at the bell. 10-9 Vargas, 20-18.

Round 3: Briceno comes forward right away and Vargas picks him off with a shot before pivoting off the ropes. Combination comes from Vargas again and lands a couple to the body. Briceno misses on a lead right and then a left hook. Now Briceno lands a straight right as Vargas pivots out with a hook. Double left hand lands for Vargas. Left hook lands to the body for Briceno now that he pushes Vargas to the ropes. Vargas doesn’t have the power to keep Briceno off of him and that could be a problem down the stretch. Three quick punches come from Vargas but Briceno stands in there and fires back to the body. Straight right lands for Vargas. Hard right to the body lands for Briceno this time. Well, Vargas is still outscoring Briceno so far, but the tension is palpable. Vargas 10-9.

Round 4: Jab comes from Vargas to start the round. Now Vargas tries a right uppercut which makes some contact. Vargas is moving on his feet and lands a nice right hook to the body. Now Briceno lands a right hand upstairs that snaps Vargas’ head back. Left hand lead lands for Vargas. Uppercut lands for Briceno this time. Straight left hand lands upstairs for Vargas again. Briceno gets back on the inside and hits Vargas with a body shot. Jab lands upstairs for Vargas. Now a right hook lands clean for Vargas to the head. One-two makes contact for Vargas. Briceno still comes forward, forcing Vargas to continue to throw just to get some relief. Still, good boxing round for Vargas. Vargas 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Briceno misses on a weak hook to start the round. Lead left followed by a right jab comes from Vargas. Vargas is literally boxing circles around Briceno with his footwork. Hard left to the body lands for Vargas. Sharp jab lands clean for Vargas. Now Briceno pushes Vargas to the ropes and lands a number of body shots. Vargas manages to get off the ropes and back to center ring where he lands a short combination to the body and head. Vargas picots around Briceno and lands a couple more shots. Long combination comes from Briceno with Vargas on the ropes again but most of it doesn’t land clean. Double right hook lands for Vargas. Left to the body lands for Briceno. Vargas gets back on his jab and escapes the danger of any counters. Vargas has found a groove here. Vargas 10-9.

Round 6: Jab misses for Vargas to start the round. Right lands to the body for Briceno. Now both fighters trade at the same time and there’s a head clash that cuts the left eye of Vargas. Vargas throws two shots upstairs and finds the target. Right hook lands for Vargas this time. Briceno’s legs are starting to look a little heavy which should favor Vargas even more. Referee calls timeout to have a doctor look at the cut over Vargas’ eye — he’s ruled okay to continue. Right to the body lands for Briceno as Vargas throws a jab. Big right hand whiffs for Briceno. Now Vargas moves, stops, pops a jab and moves again. Right hook from Vargas glances off Briceno’s head. Vargas 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Vargas pops a jab that doesn’t land but creates space for him to move around Briceno. Counter jab lands for Vargas now. Right hand from Briceno misses an now Brice no is moving backwards, encouraging Vargas to comes forward. Vargas doesn’t take the bait but Briceno manages to lands a right hand upstairs. Briceno misses on a left hook and then tries to work the body in a clinch. Jabs comes from Vargas after the break. Vargas ties up after he finishes his combination. One-two from Vargas knocks Briceno a half-dozen steps backwards. Vargas cruising as Briceno can’t keep up with his foot movement. Vargas 10-9.

Round 8: Three punches come from Vargas but Briceno pulls away from them. Briceno misses on a lead right to the body. Left hand lands for Vargas upstairs. Counter right hand lands for Vargas this time. Right hook lands for Vargas again. Sharp up-jab lands for Vargas on the inside. Head movement comes from Vargas as he slips a few punches from Briceno in the pocket. Straight left hand lands for Vargas again. Briceno tries to fire back but Vargas immediately ties him up. Uppercut from Vargas just misses. Vargas 10-9, 80-72. Guess my early fears were unfounded.

Round 9: Combination comes from Vargas to lead the round as Briceno covers up. Jab and right hook lands for Vargas. More jabs land for Vargas as Briceno has a cut over his own eye. Counter right lands for Briceno. Right hook lands for Vargas again. Briceno is barely working now. Jab lands for Vargas. Counter shot lands for Vargas again. Vargas lands a body shot and then goes right back down there with a straight left hand. Vargas 10-9.

Round 10: Three punches come from Vargas to start the round. Jab falls short for Vargas this time. Uppercut knocks Briceno off balance. Right hook lands as Briceno walks in. Jab lands again for Vargas. Two hooks land for Vargas. A few more punches come from Vargas, Briceno comes back with a right to the body. One-two lands for Vargas. Vargas cruises to the finish line. I’ve got it a shutout for Vargas, 100-90.

Top Rank Boxing on ESPN is back once again tonight, with a four-fight card set to kick off at 8 pm ET, with three fights at 140 pounds and one in the middleweight division.

Wil Esco will be here for round-by-round coverage of the main event and co-feature.

In the junior welterweight main event, former title challenger Alex Saucedo returns to action against Sonny Fredrickson. Saucedo, 26, is a terrific action fighter who always brings it, which in theory could give the 25-year-old Fredrickson some openings to pull an upset. We’ve seen two really notable upsets so far on the Top Rank Summer Series, and both of them were in Tuesday night main events, if you believe in patterns and whatnot.

In the co-feature, 22-year-old prospect Josue Vargas will take on 25-year-old Salvador Briceno in a Puerto Rico vs Mexico matchup. Vargas has one loss, but it came via DQ in 2016, and he’s on a 10-fight win streak. Briceno is a good prospect checker, with losses to guys like Yomar Alamao and Gabriel Flores Jr in 2019, giving both of them some solid work in defeat.

Main Card (ESPN, 8:00 pm ET)

  • Alex Saucedo (29-1, 19 KO) vs Sonny Fredrickson (21-2, 14 KO), junior welterweights, 10 rounds
  • Josue Vargas (16-1, 9 KO) vs Salvador Briceno (17-5, 11 KO), junior welterweights, 10 rounds
  • John Bauza (13-0, 5 KO) vs Larry Fryers (11-2, 4 KO), junior welterweights, 8 rounds
  • Donte Stubbs (6-0, 2 KO) vs Isiah Jones (8-2, 3 KO), middleweights, 6 rounds

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