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Kabayel vs Lazaridis results: Agit Kabayel wins clear decision over Evgenios Lazaridis in Germany

The former European champ made it 20-0 as he looks to move his career to the U.S. soon.

SES Fightnight Magdeburg Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Former European heavyweight champion Agit Kabayel stayed unbeaten today at an outdoor show in Magdeburg, Germany, beating Evgenios Lazaridis via clear 10-round unanimous decision.

Scores for the fight were 98-92, 99-91, and 100-90 for Kabayel. BLH also had it 100-90 for Kabayel.

Lazaridis (16-3, 10 KO) gave a legitimate effort here, but the 32-year-old Greek heavyweight just didn’t have the skills or gas to fully hang with Kabayel (20-0, 13 KO). Lazaridis was at his best in the early rounds, when he caught the 27-year-old German a few times with some clean shots, but as the rounds wore on, the difference in class and conditioning showed greatly, as Kabayel was able to dictate the tempo and keep a distinct advantage round by round.

Kabayel, who signed a co-promotional deal with Top Rank last year, was expected to make his U.S. debut in January, but did not, and obviously the COVID-19 lockdowns have kept him at home. This was meant to be a tune-up just to get him active again, but he also won a minor WBA trinket (the “Continental” title), which will either maintain or slightly improve his standing in their rankings.

Being honest, Kabayel doesn’t really have the look of a true world-level contender at heavyweight, but this is also a sport and division where Mahmoud Charr has won a secondary “world” title and fought for a more legitimate world title in his career, and guys like Trevor Bryan are hanging around that WBA scene, too, somehow or other.

Kabayel’s best win remains his 2017 upset of Derek Chisora, a majority decision win in Monte Carlo, a close fight but one that showed he can at least legitimately hang in the second tier. That’s more than Tom Schwarz has ever done, and Schwarz got to fight for the LINEAL!!!!!!! championship last year. Kabayel being with Top Rank keeps him in the mix for potential high level fights, and he figures to move his career to the U.S. whenever that’s viable as far as travel and whatnot.

Peter Kadiru RTD-3 Eugen Buchmueller

SES Fightnight Magdeburg Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images

The 23-year-old Kadiru is now 8-0 (4 KO), but still kind of a middling heavyweight prospect at best to me. He’s got OK size, about 6’4”, about 240, but there’s just nothing about him that leaps off the screen, and the 39-year-old Buchmueller (16-6, 13 KO) was able to bring some fire his way for as long as this lasted, which was really until Buchmueller popped his shoulder out or something, and had to quit after the third round. Seemed a legit injury; he tried to weather it but not being able to throw your right hand at a bigger, younger, stronger, faster man for five more rounds is not a great idea, and Buchmueller was surely not being paid enough to fight on top of this pond in Magdeburg to take that sort of risk one-armed.

This is the third time I’ve seen Kadiru, I think, and we’ll see going forward. I think he projects to top out at European level, personally, but I’ve been wrong a couple or three times before.

Collins Ojal UD-6 Georgij Fibich

Fibich (1-1, 0 KO) is a 34-year-old fighter from the Czech Republic, now lives in Ukraine, reportedly a former kickboxer (I wouldn’t know but that’s what the streaming talking man told me), and had the boxing style of a former kickboxer, so it seems right enough. Ojal (4-0, 2 KO) is a 35-year-old Kenyan now living in Switzerland, much taller than Fibich, and leaner (Fibich isn’t fat but kind of stocky, built like a high-end bar bouncer).

Anyway, neither of these guys have some stellar boxing future or anything, but Ojal certainly wings the hell out of a chopping right hand with some velocity. Frankly not much of note happened here and Ojal won on scores of 60-55, 60-54, and 60-54.

Other Results

SES Fightnight Magdeburg Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images

Between the two live undercard fights and the live main event, we got footage from two fights that took place earlier in the day.

European women’s featherweight champ Nina Meinke went to 10-2 (3 KO) with a tune-up win at junior lightweight over Hungarian veteran Edina Kiss (15-13, 9 KO). They didn’t show the scores or tell us the scores, but reportedly it was unanimous decision for Meinke, which was deserved. Worth noting (kinda) that this was Kiss’ first loss in Europe; she’d come in 15-0 in Europe and 0-12 outside of Europe. She’s a professional opponent who has been in with the likes of Amanda Serrano (twice, including for a title in 2017), Mikaela Mayer, Ronica Jeffrey, Shelly Vincent, Helen Joseph, Cindy Serrano, and Heather Hardy (twice). She hangs around in fights and did so today.

Super middleweight prospect Artur Henrik, a four-time German national champ as an amateur, made a successful pro debut against veteran knockaround guy Miguel Aguilar, who falls to 11-66-1 (5 KO), and has now lost 38 in a row, with only a draw in 2016 breaking up a run of 53 losses overall since 2015. He’s a Nicarguan living in Spain, and filling a fairly familiar role in that sense, there’s a few of those transplanted Nicaraguans based in Spain. Henrik looks to have some ability, we’ll see what he has in the long run, but Aguilar is a durable guy, and almost indifferent to taking punishment. Henrik won all four rounds on each scorecard.

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