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Mike Tyson launching “Legends Only League” to give legendary athletes place to compete

Tyson’s designs on coming back to the ring in some capacity may have a home.

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

During the early days of the COVID-19 lockdown, Mike Tyson became a major sports story by posting some training videos online, leading a bunch of crazy people to suggest that the ex-champ, now in his mid-50s, should make an actual, real boxing comeback.

Tyson fielded offers from boxing and from bareknuckle boxing, and UFC’s Dana White weighed in among many others, and it kickstarted a storm of old boxers going, “Hey! Me too! Look at me! I could fight again!”

Tyson does not appear as though he’ll be making any legitimate boxing comeback, but he has announced that he’s launching something called “Legends Only League,” which has a fairly unfortunate acronym of LOL, not only bringing to mind laughter but League of Legends.

It’s not just boxing, either — it’s for old stars of all sports! A seniors tour for boxers and tennis players and basketball players and I guess baseball and soccer, too.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to create, build, and honor athletes,” said Tyson via press release. “All athletes live to follow their dreams and fight for excellence. It’s something that is inherent in each of us and that drive never goes away. Legends Only League will support athletes in their individual sports, creating some of the most epic competitions, products and live events in the world.”

Tyson is launching the venture with Eros Innovations, and, well, we’ll see if it ever actually becomes anything more than an Instagram video and a press release.

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