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Teofimo Lopez and Rolando Romero clown ‘pregnant’ Gervonta Davis

Pretty sure Tank is not gonna like this...

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During this Instagram live conversation between Teofimo Lopez and Rolando Romero, both fighters had a lot of laughs at the expense of Gervonta “Tank” Davis, whom they think might be expecting within the next nine months.

“I ain’t gonna lie, though, he looked like he was 160, 170 when he was fighting with Ivan (Redkach),” Lopez said.

“He looks like the Pillsbury dough boy,” Romero added in.

“He look mad heavy, yo. He don’t look like he could make this weight no more. I swear,” Lopez responded.

“Dude, he got pregnant.” Romero said before they both fell out in laughter.

“Yo Tank, if you watching this, why you so fuckin’ fat, bro?” Lopez asked. “Why you get so fuckin’ fat? Like, I know food is life and shit but you don’t gotta get that fuckin’ fat, you know what I mean?

“Tank won’t make the weight for the Leo Santa Cruz fight. I bet you my world title,” Lopez threw in for good measure.

“You gotta hand it to Tank, bro,” Romero added. “To be a midget with a secondary fuckin’ education from the second most dangerous city in the world, being mentally fuckin’ r******d — to achieve something in his life and to be a fat midget achieving something in his life, that’s pretty impressive.”

Knowing how Davis usually responds to these provocations, I’d bet this escalates quickly. Let’s see.

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