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Joyce vs Wallisch results: Joe Joyce demolishes Michael Wallisch in three rounds

Joe Joyce held up his end, and now awaits Daniel Dubois in October.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Joe Joyce hadn’t fought in just over a year when he climbed into the ring today in London against Michael Wallisch, and though the 2016 Olympic silver medalist took a few right hands from the German early, he was able to impose his will and get Wallisch out in the third round.

Joyce (11-0, 10 KO) was looking to tune up here before a planned October meeting with unbeaten prospect Daniel Dubois, and the 34-year-old “Juggernaut” held up his end of the bargain with this win. Dubois (14-0, 13 KO) is set to face Erik Pfeifer in his own tune-up on Aug. 29.

Wallisch (20-4, 13 KO) tried to throw with Joyce, and did have those bits of success early, but Joyce took Wallisch’s shots well, and that just didn’t go for the other way around. Wallisch was down in the second round after a couple of painful body shots and a flurry upstairs from Joyce, and was down two more times early in the third before the fight was stopped.

Chris Bourke PTS-10 Ramez Mahmood

A meeting of unbeaten fighters, Bourke 25 and Mahmood 26, goes Bourke’s way on referee Robert Williams’ 96-94 card. Bourke (8-0, 5 KO) is now the Southern Area junior featherweight champion, for what that’s worth, while Mahmood drops to 11-1 (2 KO) in defeat.

It was a decent fight, well-matched. Bourke had the bit more dynamic style, looked the harder puncher as the records would suggest, went to the body well at times. Mahmood certainly wasn’t bad or overmatched here — we had it 97-93 Bourke — but while technically sound, he lacked any real flash and maybe didn’t take advantage of some openings or different ideas as much as he could have done.

Denzel Bentley RTD-6 Mick Hall

The 34-year-old Hall (15-3, 2 KO) gave this a go, but he got peppered pretty consistently by Bentley (13-0, 11 KO), and the damage added up, particularly around Hall’s eyes, and Mick and his corner made the call to stop it after a big sixth round from Bentley.

The 25-year-old Bentley has work to do if he’s going to be a serious contender even domestically, but he’s aggressive, has some pop, pushes the pace, and has the look of a fun action fighter if nothing else, and the sport can always do with those guys.

Henry Turner PTS-4 Chris Adaway

Adaway (10-68-4, 1 KO) did his usual job, providing an awkward test for a young fighter. Sometimes when the kid across from him just doesn’t have it, Adaway will go ahead and nick one, but Turner (3-0, 0 KO) had it here, sweeping referee Steve Gray’s card, 40-35, and deservedly so.

The 26-year-old Adaway did have his moments in the third round especially, getting young Turner’s timing and popping him with a few shots, throwing his right fist into the air in celebration each time, as is his trademark. But Adaway was also ruled down when caught with a counter in that same third round. It wasn’t a heavy knockdown and maybe shouldn’t even have been scored as one, but it was.

Turner, 19, is a junior welterweight prospect who has some skills, clearly well-schooled, might have a bright future.

Louie Lynn TKO-2 Monty Oglivie

An utter decimation here, as 24-year-old Lynn (7-0, 6 KO) just blitzed through the 28-year-old Ogilvie in short order. Ogilvie (9-2, 1 KO) was dropped in the first round as Lynn came out ultra aggressive, and dropped again in the second. He got up both times — despite also being hit while down both times, something Lynn was lucky to get away with, to be frank — but on the second one was clearly too unsteady to continue, and referee Robert Williams rightly stopped the fight.

Lynn is abnormally aggressive for a young British fighter, and could be a load of fun to watch in the coming months and years on the domestic featherweight scene at the very least. Someone to look forward to seeing on cards for sure, by the early look of him.

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