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Hughie Fury vs Dave Allen falls through, Fury plans autumn return

Allen failed to respond by the deadline Peter Fury put forth

Boxing in Manchester Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images
Patrick Stumberg is a freelance writer for SB Nation, first joining the network in 2011 before linking up with Bad Left Hook in 2015.

The potential grudge match between Hughie Fury and Dave Allen hit a snag yesterday. Peter Fury, father and trainer of Hughie, told Sky Sports yesterday that “The White Rhino” was making “excuses” amidst negotiations, claiming:

“We got approached by our team and [they] said: ‘He’s looking for more money Dave, would Hughie take less, so Dave Allen can have more, so we agreed to do that, and now we’re just hearing excuses.

“Maybe they can’t go on this date, it’s all c**p to us that. We know all the negotiations in the background.

“Dave Allen has come up in the past, three times at least, to offer to box Hughie, and every time there’s excuses. There’s not going to be a fourth time. If we don’t get confirmation on this by tomorrow, Dave Allen will never ever share a ring with Hughie Fury, that’s a promise.”

Allen had a slightly different view.

He told Sky Sports: “I was offered the fight last week with an amount me and my team deemed not enough.

“Since then I personally have received no second offer and have been waiting to hear back some news on the fight chasing it up daily but no success yet.”

It’s all moot, however, as Allen missed the deadline. Peter took to Twitter this morning to confirm that the fight was off and that Hughie will “hopefully” return in September or October.

It’s not like this was a blockbuster or anything, but it would have been a fun domestic tussle, and we can’t exactly be choosers at the moment. Of course, this could all be a negotiating tactic designed to squeeze some concessions out of Allen (18-5-2, 15 KO) and make writers like me look stupid. Not that I need the help, as my recent staff pick record could tell you.

UK boxing returns in earnest this August with Matchroom’s four-week Fight Camp series.

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