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Terence Crawford checks Gary Russell Jr on sucker punch story

Crawford tells Russell to pipe down with all the tough talk.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During this Instagram Live video, welterweight titleholder Terence Crawford says he wants to clear up some stories coming from a couple fighters — namely Gary Russell Jr. and Ray Robinson. Crawford isn’t too pleased with how Russell has been recently conveying an old story from the amateurs, saying he punched Crawford during an altercation, so Crawford sets the record straight here. Check it out...

“I just gotta, you know, get some facts straight,” Crawford began. “I hear a couple of hoes always got my name in they mouth, putting out some false information. One is Gary Russell — he’s a hoe-ass lil’ dude. Two is Ray Robinson. He another hoe-ass dude. Attention-seeking ass females...

“I’ma call it like I see it, both of them n----as is some hoes. For one, Ray Robinson beat me my first senior tournament at, what, 16, 17. And he really didn’t even beat me. He had the name, he had the backing. I fucked him up. If he want, tell him to show the video. I’m pretty sure he got it, or I’m pretty sure Al Mitchell got it because he was with the Marquette team. So for him to be telling everyone he was the last one to beat me and everyone is picking that shit up and running with it, that’s a lie. I will smash that boy.

“But it would be no point. If I smash Ray Robinson, what is you fans gonna say, ‘oh, you beat a bum, you beat a nobody.’ So why would I even waste my time on Ray Robinson. How many losses you got? Huh?! Alright. Me and your level is on two different levels. I understand you looking for a payday and whatnot but, you know, go fight somebody that’s on your level, bruh.

“Now let’s get to this Gary Russell situation ‘cause I see dude is on his high horse about sockin’ me. I’ma tell you the whole story, the truth and nothing but the truth and if I’m lying you can go to Karl Dargan, you can go to Demetrius Andrade, you can go to Rau’shee can go to the hoe-ass coach, Dan. You can do all that.

“When I was 18 me and Gary Russell had got into a little confrontation and I asked the coach put him in the ring with me. At the time I was fighting at 132, Gary Russell was fighting at 119. Coach wanted no parts of putting me in the ring with Gary Russell because he already knew what the fuck was gonna happen — I was gonna punish his lil’ ass. So that shit got X’ed our real quick because Gary Russell was the ‘prima donna’ of the USA team...

“Me and Gary Russell had words prior to me and Karl Dargan sparring. Me and Karl Dargan sparred, me and Karl Dargan had words — competitive sparring match — so we had to stop sparring because we got too heated in the sparring match. So Dan pulled us out. Yeah, he got the better of me, he outboxed me, he got the better of me. He did his thing that day. But not to mention, Mark Davis beat the fuck out of Gary Russell that day. That’s why he really got mad.

“After the sparring match he tried to say ‘Yeah, he was gettin’ you Terence,’ and I replied ‘Well, let’s not talk because Mark Davis just beat your ass so what you mean?’ Then he gets up, he’s talking...I told him to his face, “I will smash you, lil’ guy!’ I’m talking to Coach Dan, ‘Coach Dan, put us in the ring.’ Boom — next thing I know he socked me. Cool. I ate it — didn’t fall, no nothing. He had a clear cut shot, didn’t fall, no nothing. Looked at him ‘I’ma kill you.’ They grab me. ‘Don’t grab me, let me go.’

“Tell me this, how can a person that’s not even on the team — he wasn’t in the Pan-Am (tournament), he wasn’t fighting in the Pan-Am — how can a person that’s not even on the team hit me and I get sent home? Tell me why I get sent home? Why I get kicked off the Pan-Am? I was #1 in the nation at that time. I was #1 USA dude. Why did I get kicked off the team? These is questions that need to be asked. Because they knew I was gonna fuck his lil’ ass up!

And he’s talking now, if I don’t like what he’s saying then he’ll come up to 147 and fight me (laughs). I laughed at that shit. Like, dude, we don’t even gotta fight in the ring. You socked me off guard and couldn’t even drop me. If we was to fight right now, on the streets, I’ll break your fuckin’ neck! And that’s on my kids. And you know it, I know, and the whole world know it. And I’m not talking about fighting in the ring. If me and you was to fight outside, I will break your neck. Come on, man...

“So don’t be saying my name, how you sucker punched me and try to get some fame off my name, my dude. ‘Cause we all know what happened.”

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