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Gary Russell Jr fires back at Terence Crawford

Russell doubles down on his account of a past altercation with Crawford, and insists he’s willing to fight him at 147.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Gary Russell Jr. immediately responds to Terence Crawford’s video, sharing his account of a past altercation between the two — which jut might spearhead a new one. Check out what Russell had to say about the time he put hands on Crawford, which Crawford described as a sucker punch.

“Aye, this shit crazy. Now ya’ll got Terence Crawford’s coach — somebody who wasn’t up there at the Olympic Training Center talking about I snuck him. Terence, stop this shit, man. Stop this shit. You came to me, you was talking reckless out your mouth, very aggressive, you got punched in the fuckin’ face. You supposed to be pound-for-pound, you a fuckin’ fighter. If you got punched in the face, you got punched in the face and grabbed your mouth. You grabbed your face! Then people came in between.

“Don’t act like you attempted to fight back. Stop faking. You supposed to be a world class fighter from the pound-for-pound list, don’t counterpunching count for something? You should be able to take a shot and fire something right back in response. That’s what boxers do.

“Don’t try to spin it and act like somebody snuck you. You came to me and asked a question, and when I answered your question you wanna do all this loud yelling, rough, tough, like you about that life and I punched you in the fuckin’ face. That’s it, that’s all! You grabbed your mouth...Stop playing with me, Terence. You know what time it is man, you know me from the amateurs. I don’t play them games, man.”

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