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Anthony Joshua hopes Mike Tyson comeback brings value to boxing

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Joshua says if Tyson still has that burning desire to fight, go for it.

British boxer Anthony Joshua wins back his world heavyweight titles in Saudi Arabia Photo by Valery Sharifulin\TASS via Getty Images

Count unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua among those who are happy to see Mike Tyson to come out of retirement (so to speak) to fight Roy Jones Jr. in an 8-round exhibition bout.

Joshua says fighting is all that Tyson and Jones know, having done it almost their entire lives, so he’s not at all surprised they they both still have the itch to get in the ring and compete, telling Sky Sports that they don’t have to fight prime heavyweights to make an impact:

“It’s all they know. They haven’t got to compete with the young lions of the division. We’re bigger, stronger, science has improved so we have more technology.

“If Tyson wants to come back and fight someone from his era, for the love of the sport? Crack on. I hope it adds value to the sport we love.”

Tyson, obviously, has been making waves on social media with his training footage clips, but we probably can’t count that as an actual indicator on how he’ll perform in the ring. Luckily, Jones is in the exact same boat.