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Rungvisai vs Ruenroeng results: Srisaket Sor Rungvisai rusty, but gets win over Amnat Ruenroeng

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Srisaket Sor Rungvisai wasn’t at his best, but he got a decision win over Amnat Ruenroeng in Thailand.

Matchroom Boxing/YouTube

Srisaket Sor Rungvisai’s ring return wasn’t easy, but he pulled out the win today in Thailand, outpointing Amnat Ruenroeng over 10 rounds.

Scores were 96-93, 97-94, and a ridiculous 99-91 for Rungvisai (48-5-1, 41 KO). BLH had the fight with 96-94 for Rungvisai, who dug an early hole on our card by losing the first four rounds, but bounced back nicely to sweep the remainder of the fight.

There’s no question that rust and weight were both issues for Rungvisai, 33, in this fight. He hadn’t fought since his Apr. 2019 loss to Juan Francisco Estrada, a bizarre affair where he spent a long time fighting poorly out of an orthodox stance before making it closer down the stretch in his natural southpaw stance, and the 120-pound catchweight for this fight didn’t seem to do him any favors, either.

Ruenroeng (20-4, 6 KO), a crafty veteran and former flyweight titleholder, was the taller and much longer man, and he used his length and his savvy to his advantage early on. Rungvisai’s timing and accuracy were off and he looked very slow early, and Ruenroeng took some advantage of that, smacking Rungvisai with a lot of counter shots and showing no fear of his opponent’s power.

There was also a hard clash of heads in the third round that left Rungvisai bleeding from the eyelid, and while the cut did keep bleeding for the rest of the fight, it luckily bled mostly to the outside of his eye and didn’t become a huge factor.

Starting in the fifth round, Rungvisai was able to pick up the pace a bit, let his punches go, and up the work rate enough to start winning rounds fairly clearly. Ruenroeng still landed some shots and fought a game fight, but he got fairly outhustled as the bout wore on, and the winner comes with no real controversy.

Rungvisai reiterated his desire to face Juan Francisco Estrada in a rubber match for the WBC junior bantamweight title, after the two split fights in 2018 and 2019.

Chainoi Worawut TKO-2 Jomar Fajardo

Fajardo (17-17-2, 9 KO) is a Filipino journeyman based in Thailand, and he was done pretty much as soon as he got tagged here. Not a lot happened in the first round, with “Rock Man” Chainoi stalking and Fajardo, 28, not trying to engage a lot. But a couple right hands in the second round from the 23-year-old Chainoi (11-0-1, 10 KO) put Fajardo down.

Fajardo got up, but he shouted at his corner to stop the fight when he did. They let the referee make an eight count, and the ref was going to order the fight to continue, but Fajardo stayed at the ropes and barked down to his corner again until finally someone entered the ring to stop things with an official time of 59 seconds of round two. Fajardo had apparently not told the referee, “Nah,” but he was definitely telling his corner to pull him out of there.

Chainoi, a 122-pounder ranked by the WBC, called out WBC titleholder Rey Vargas after the fight. He’s got some power hype, but he’s miles from ready for Vargas.