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Jorge Linares dismisses Ryan Garcia’s social media videos, says they’re edited

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Linares says he could post edited videos to make himself look good too, if he wanted.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Jorge Linares talks about why he’s poked fun at some of Ryan Garcia’s social media postings, saying that they’re edited to paint a false image of the fighter. Check it out...

Linares on if he was frustrated that he didn’t get the Ryan Garcia fight, which is why he made fun of Garcia’s social media postings:

“No. You know, It’s part of the game. He like that, he live with that. He makes money with that. Come on, six million followers, you know. The people like that, the people like drama from him. You can see all the posts where he posts. He posts all the posts something, not stupid, but very edited video. I can do that too, you know what I mean. But why can he not post something in reality life?

“I can’t imagine how many times he took to make the video. I don’t have any idea, like a woman when she wanna post a selfie. But it’s true!

“I can do that with anyone but come one, I’m not like that. I very different, you know. Look at this,” Linares said as he pulled up a video of his own training. “This is reality video...I don’t need to edit this video. I don’t need to post that too. I don’t need that. I need to show the people the reality fight. That’s what I want.”