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WBC considers holding all future purse bids online

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Mauricio Sulaiman is happy with the way their first Zoom purse bid worked out, so now it may become a staple.

Hublot x WBC “Night of Champions” Gala Photo by Roger Kisby/Getty Images for Hublot

After successfully staging a purse bid for Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell, the WBC will now add a bullet point to their agenda for their annual convention where they will consider permanently moving all future purse bids to an electronic format.

The WBC just recently used the Zoom platform to conduct that bit of business, and that could now become the go-to method going forward. And talking about the prospective change, WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman made this statement:

“At the upcoming WBC 58th Annual Convention, the WBC Board of Governors will consider a proposal to adjust the WBC Rules and Regulations necessary to allow all purse bid ceremonies to be conducted electronically. That measure will save the participating promoters money and traveling time. Therefore, it will allow the media and even the fans to be present during purse offer ceremonies.”

Really, this just seems to be a practical move considering there’s an ongoing pandemic and there’s really no need physically stage purse bids in person.