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Shawn Porter breaks down Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia

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Porter says this is a fight Spence should win, being a more dynamic boxer.

In this video interview with Fight Hype, Shawn Porter gives his take on the upcoming fight between Errol Spence and Danny Garcia, being that he’s been up-close-and-personal with both in the ring. Check out how he views the pending showdown below...

On if Spence is a fighter capable of making adjustments during a fight:

“I could see some adjustments in the fight that I had with him. I saw some adjustments in the fight with Kell Brook. I have seen him make adjustments, he’s a fighter who can make adjustments. I think in my fight he was a little bit more one way than I’ve seen him in the past, and obviously (that’s because he was fighting me). “

On how he was able to keep Spence fighting that ‘one way’:

“I think I was able to keep him off balance between the movement and the aggression. I think I had a very good combination that night of being aggressive and also using good boxing ability and counters and the coaching that was coming from my corner...”

On if Spence won’t have those problems against Garcia, who isn’t known for his foot movement:

“He won’t be as off balance. Danny Garcia is a fighter who is definitely is a one-trick pony, gonna come out the same way every round. Danny Garcia didn’t make any adjustments in my fight. He was the way we expected him to be from the first round to the last round. I think when you consider that you have to say ‘Errol Spence can make adjustments, Errol Spence can do different things in the ring, this is a fight Errol Spence should win.”

On if people underestimate Garcia’s power:

“In my personal opinion, I think things are overestimated by Danny Garcia. People talk about his timing — great timing — but if you do the right things you can do what needs to be done to keep him off balance and not allow him to catch that rhythm, that timing. I was able to do that. And then the other thing too, I think, is the power. I think we’ve seen him do some damage to some guys, really lean some guys. But again, if you take the distance away, or you smother him, or if you’re doing the right things, you take the pop off the punch and I just don’t think he has as much steam as people have given him credit for.”