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Oscar De La Hoya says Floyd Mayweather was the fastest fighter he faced

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The Hall of Famer discusses some of his toughest opponents.

Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya took some time to reflect on his career and answer some questions about opponents who stood out to him now that he’s looking back on it. Check out who De La Hoya rated among the best he’s ever been up against.

De La Hoya on the best body puncher he went up against:

“Body punching, I mean I would have to say Bernard Hopkins. Obviously because he caught me with that amazing body shot and took me down. But he was very calculated with his punches. He never exerted more than what he had to exert. But every single punch was very precise. I would have to say Bernard Hopkins.”

On the fastest fighter he ever faced:

“I would have to go with Floyd Mayweather. I mean, Floyd Mayweather was a fighter who was very intelligent, very smart, very calculated. And the reason why I will says he was the fastest — because Pernell Whitaker was the fastest — but his timing of punches were precise. And that’s where I would have to give Floyd Mayweather the most credit and the most respect.

“It was a good fight, it was a very emotional fight. It was one of those events that will obviously never forget. I will always appreciate who I went up in the ring with, including Manny Pacquiao, including Floyd Mayweather, including the very best of my era. I was very proud of my whole career, win or lose.”