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Jermell Charlo flips out on brother Jermall during Instagram Live rant

Jermell was ‘fired the f*ck up this morning!’

If you’re not really a fan of the ratchet shit in boxing, just click away now rather than bitching in the comments section later. You’ve been warned...

The Charlos are being messy again. But unlike most other instances, this time it’s with one another. Junior middleweight titleholder Jermell Charlo went on an Instagram Live stream earlier and went on a tirade against his brother, middleweight titleholder Jermall Charlo.

Jermell apparently has taken exception to some of the things his brother has been saying publicly, and I guess branding himself as ‘Big Charlo’ as if to suggest Jermell is ‘Lil Charlo’. Jermall also publicly dissociated himself from some of the branded content Jermell has been putting out recently, which has been taken as a slight by the twin. Sibling rivalry of the highest order, anyway — the Houston, Texas way.

“‘‘Big Charlo?!’ Man, my crib cost more than his, n***a,” Charlo shouted. “And it’s smaller! What?! We talkin’ facts n***a, and I got deeds on my shit. I’ll put my shit, post it on my story for ya’ll...Over a milly on this bitch and still invested more in the bitch, and still got cribs all around this bitch! Man, I’m comfortable, man. What ya’ll talkin’ bout? I don’t show no pool or no balcony or none of that shit, n***a,” Jermell continued, alluding to some of his brother’s social media posts.

“That shit don’t make you a champion. That shit don’t make you nothing!”

And if you thought that would be enough steam for Jermell to let off, it wasn’t.

“I wake up with that energy and they like ‘Wow, champ calm down, calm down.’ I’m not fuckin’ calming down, and do what ya’ll fuckers tell me to do. This is me and me forever! And I ain’t never changing me..Ya’ll stay out my way, I’ma be at the fights tellin’ ya’ll wassup!

“I’m strapped up too n***a, so if ya partners come up here playing with me I’ma smack the fuck outta ‘em...I was a head buster since Day 1, since I was a young one I was a head buster. And I’m a man of my kingdom. You be a man of your kingdom over there. But don’t get on that Live talkin’ that shit like I ain’t about that life. Anybody can know it. Anybody that fuckin’ know me know that I will smack somethin’! I ain’t gotta talk about it, I’ma be about it.

“What’s wrong with me, n***a?” Jermell responded to Jermall, who typed the question in the live chat. “I’m talking to you Future of Boxing, you went on that bitch earlier this morning talkin’ bout Ringside with the Lions ain’t my channel. N***a, I’m proud of what I do! I pay for my photographer and videographer — every week get a good check — to make sure I got good content for my fans that respect me and love me. I been changing lives since Day 1.

“I was coming up in the game with De La Hoya, you fought some of the n***as I had already beat. What you talkin’ bout? You fought Deon Nash twice, I beat him first! And then you turned around and fought some Puerto Rican kid — come on boy, I don’t even wanna go there with you! Stop playing with me! I’m the king, I’m the don of this shit.

“But I’m the ‘Lil Mel’. I’ma let ya’ll keep running around talkin’ this ‘Lil’ Charlo’ shit...You mean 154? You mean the King of 154?! Now I got a whole bunch more to prove. I’m fired the fuck up this morning! And tell your bitch to keep her fuckin’ mouth closed! Tell your bitch stay in pocket, n***a.”

Charlo then ended with a homophobic slur that I’ll just skip past.

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