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MTK Golden Contract light heavyweight semifinals set for late September

The two fights will be held on different cards.

With MTK Global announcing a Sept. 30 date for its featherweight and junior welterweight Golden Contract tournament finals yesterday, we were left to wonder about the status of its light heavyweight tournament, which still has semifinal and final rounds to conclude.

We wonder no more, as the two fights are set to happen on Sept. 26 and Sept. 30, the latter part of the other tournament finals card, which will stream live on ESPN+ in the United States.

The semifinalists are Ricards Bolotniks, Hosea Burton, Liam Conroy, and Serge Michel, and a draw to set the semifinal matchups will be held by the end of August. Bolotniks’ fight will be part of a show in Riga, Latvia, on Sept. 26, while the other fight will be part of MTK’s show at York Hall on Sept. 30.

Bolotniks (16-5-1, 7 KO), Burton (25-1, 11 KO), Conroy (18-5-1, 9 KO), and Michel (10-1, 7 KO) all last fought on the Dec. 14 event where they won their first round fights.

“Given the fact we have fighters from multiple countries in the tournament, we have had to adapt to the current circumstances in the world right now and have decided to split the semis over two night in two different countries,” said MTK Vice President Jamie Conlan.

“Vadim Milov and LNK Boxing in Latvia will help accommodate and be our man on the ground for the show on Sept. 26. The semifinals are bound to be intriguing fights, and the mix of styles should all gel well. Bolotniks is heavy-handed and a serious puncher, Michel is an Olympian so has the amateur pedigree, Burton is the most seasoned and well-rounded, and Conroy has grit, heart, and work ethic. No matter what way the draw works out, we are bound to have two great fights!”