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Dillian Whyte: I’m coming to cause chaos and violence against Alexander Povetkin

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Whyte said he hasn’t been taking this weekend’s opponent lightly.

Andy Ruiz Jr v Anthony Joshua 2 - Final Press Conference Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

When Dillian Whyte steps into the ring this weekend to face Alexander Povetkin for the WBC’s ‘Diamond’ belt, he says he’ll be doing so with one goal in mind: to cause maximum violence against his opponent. Whyte says he respects Povektin’s pedigree, and that’s why he’s been adequately preparing himself for this impending battle.

“He is a very experienced guy, top of the tree for 15 years, a former Olympic gold medallist and world champion,” Whyte said of Povetkin. “For me? I’m straight maximum violence. I respect him and that’s why I trained so hard. I take him seriously. He is very dangerous and he knows that, if he beats me, his whole life and career is rejuvenated.

“I’m coming to cause chaos and violence in the ring.”

Whyte then credits his own ability to adapt during a fight, saying that’s like his secret weapon. And if he deploys his arsenal to get past Povetkin, a presumptive fight against Tyson Fury awaits — although Whyte still believes Fury will voluntarily give up the WBC title and seek a showdown with Anthony Joshua without the world title.

As Whyte puts it, Fury has done everything possible to avoid having to face him and he doesn’t expect that to change now, saying Fury is as much of a coward as Deontay Wilder for not fighting him.