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Shawn Porter vs Sebastian Formella: Live streaming results, round by round, and discussion

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Shawn Porter returns to face Sebastian Formella in a PBC on FOX main event.

Sean Michael Ham/Premier Boxing Champions


Round By Round

Shawn Porter vs Sebastian Formella

Round 1: Porter feints a few times and then jabs to the body. Porter throws two more jabs and pushes Formella back. Right hand to the body lands for Porter. Both fighters exchange jabs. Formella jabs to the body and skips back out the way of a Porter counter offensive. Porter throws a combination but Formella defends it pretty well. Porter works the body with hook to both sides. Hard right hook to the body lands for Porter. Clean sharp jab lands well for Porter. Now Formella lands a jab but just misses on the right that follows. Porter jabs twice more and backs Formella up some more. Porter 10-9.

Round 2: Porter’s father advises him to rough up Formella a bit more in this round. Porter comes out immediately with a double jab. Formella land a jab but Porter throws a flurry and lands a good left hook on the inside. Porter mauls Formella along the ropes a little and lands some good body shots on the inside. Porter chasing Formella down and walks into a jab. Left hook lands on the inside for Porter. Porter throws a lengthy combination with a good uppercut that lands clean to end it. Jab lands downstairs for Porter. Jab lands clean for Porter. Porter 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Jab lands to the body for Porter. Formella lands his own jab upstairs. Porter falls short with a right hook to the body. Clean uppercut land to the body land for Porter this time. Formella throws a jab and right hand that makes partial contact. Porter comes in and throws a short combination of punches. Jab lands again for Formella as he times Porter coming in. Porter lands a good right hand as he counces on his toes, then another that bounces Formella off the ropes. Porter lands a couple more punches on Formella. Formella lands a short right hand on the inside. Porter 10-9.

Round 4: Porter comes out bouncing on hi toes and feints before throwing a lead hook that makes contact. Sharp jab knocks Formella backwards. Another jab from Porter pierces Formella’s guard. Porter throws a combination and lands to the head and body. Formella throws a jab but Porter comes right back after him and strafes him along the ropes. Right hand counter lands over the top for Porter. Another combination comes from Porter, ending with a hook to the body. Jab lands clean for Formella but Porter comes back with many more punches. Formella tries to fight Porter off of him but can’t match his pace. Jab lands clean for Formella, but he doesn’t seem to have much power. Porter 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Porter comes out with three punches that fall short. Formella tries a few of his own punches but can’t quite find the range. Now Porter lands a jab upstairs. Both fighters trade jabs. Right hook from Porter clips Formella upstairs. Porter stands in and tries to land some more power shots as Formella counters with a couple weaker punches. Jab lands upstairs for Porter. Formella throws a couple of punches but then gets mauled by Porter who won’t give him any space to breathe. Jab and right hand make contact for Formella. Right hand from Formella grazes Porter. Porter throws another flurry of punches to end the round and that’s enough to win the round on my card. Porter 10-9.

Round 6: Both fighters trade jabs at center ring. Porter looks to follow it up with more punches but Formella steps out of range. Right hand lead makes partial contact for Porter. Jab lands for Formella upstairs. Porter goes back on the inside and strafes Formella with a number of punches. Double jab comes from Formella and makes contact. Lead left hook lands for Porter and has Formella stepping back to re-think his approach. Body attack lands for Porter and has Formella looking for air. Left uppercut lands to the body for Porter. Porter comes forward again with a flurry of punches and backs up Formella. Left to the body lands again for Porter. Porter 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Porter feints and then leaps in with a left hook that falls short. Double left hand comes from Porter this time. Porter jabs to the body. Right hand over the top lands for Porter. Porter comes forward with a couple more punches that can’t find the range. Now Formella is stalking forward but can’t land much anything of significance. Both fighters trade hooks and Porter does much more damage. Right hook to the body lands for Porter. Uppercut makes contact for Porter this time, who then looks to work both sides of the body. Formella throws a short combination and lands one shot. Porter tries to walk Formella into a right hand lead but can’t quite find the right timing. Jab lands clean for Porter at center ring, then a lunging left hook. Porter 10-9.

Round 8: Porter throws a combination at center ring but doesn’t land anything clean. Now Porter throws a few more and does a little better. Left hand gets in for Porter. Porter doubles the left hand and gets in an uppercut. Left to the body lands for Porter this time. Counter hook to the body makes contact for Porter, then a straight right to the head that has Formella retreating for the moment. Porter tries to assault Formella with a barrage of punches but Formella is hanging tough, absorbing the punishment. Right hook lands for Porter, Formella lands a left hook to the head. Porter 10-9, 80-72.

Round 9: Both fighters exchange and Porter does a little better. Formella lands a jab as he starts coming forward on Porter. Formella throws a few more punches but he doesn’t have much steam on any of these shots. Right hook lands to the body for Porter. Jab from Porter snaps Formella’s head back, then another time moments later. Double jab lands for Porter, then a right hand to the body. RIght hand and uppercut lands well for Porter at mid-range. Porter 10-9.

Round 10: Right hand counter lands for Porter. Formella throws a few jabs and lands one to the body. Big right hook from Porter misses upstairs. Porter throws a combination and Formella has to back off. Jab lands clean for Porter upstairs. Body attack lands well for Porter, who tries to pour it on Formella with a lengthy flurry. Formella comes forward but walks into a couple body punches. Hard left to the body lands for Porter. Porter 10-9, 100-90.

Round 11: Porter comes out bouncing on his toes and jabs to the body. Two clean jabs land upstairs for Porter. Now Porter misses a big right hook aimed at the head. Hook to the body land for Porter this time. Clean jab lands upstairs for Porter. Formella lands his own jab but he’s not inflicting much damage at all. Clean jab and hook to the body gets in for Porter. Porter strafes Formella with a short combination, then another. Both fighters trade hooks this time. Counter right scores well for Porter. Porter 10-9.

Round 12: Double jab comes from Porter. Porter looks down to the body and Formella take a few steps backwards. Porter throws a flurry of punches with Formella on the ropes and Formella takes a few more punches for the road. Right hand lands for Formella but he’s only got arm power strength. Porter lands uppercuts on Formella at center ring. Jab lands clean for Porter, then another. Porter lands a straight right hand this time. Jab from Porter picks off Formella. Hard left hook lands well for Porter upstairs. Formella tries to trade with Porter to end the fight. Porter 10-9. I’ve got it a clean sweep for Porter, 120-108.

Joey Spencer vs Shawn West

Round 1: Clean hook lands for West right out the gate. Spencer measures with a jab a bunch of times as West tries some awkward moves where he turns southpaw to throw a left hand lead. Jab misses for Spencer. Check hook lands for Spencer as West throws a punch of his own. Jab lands to the body for Spencer. Hard jab lands to the body for Spencer, then a right hand aimed for the head. West charges forward with a couple of shots that don’t land so clean. Jab to the body lands for Spencer again. Jab and right hand lands well for Spencer to the head. Right hand lands to the body for Spencer at the bell. Spencer 10-9.

Round 2: Spencer looks to jab down to the body again but can’t quite find the range. Shot from Spencer knocks West off balance momentarily. Left hook lands well for Spencer upstairs. Spencer goes back down to the body with a jab and then lands a clean right hand to the head. A follow up attack from Spencer puts West down! West gets up at the count of eight. Jab lands downstairs for Spencer. West charges in with some wild shots that don’t land. Spencer unloads a barrage and lands some clean power shots on West. West is able to land a clean shot in between Spencer’s punchers. Right hand to the body lands clean for Spencer. Jab from Spencer makes some contact to the chest. Now West lands a jab at the end of the round. Spencer 10-8, 20-17.

Round 3: Jab to the body falls a little short for Spencer. Left hand lead lands for West from the southpaw stance. West immediately goes back to orthodox and gets tagged. West continues to switch stances every few seconds but he hasn’t been able to mount any sustained offense using this style. Jab lands upstairs for Spencer before falling into a clinch. Spencer measures with some jabs and then throws a check hook as West dives in. Left hook to the body lands for Spencer. Spencer 10-9.

Round 4: Jab from Spencer makes partial contact. Double jab comes from Spencer and makes a little more contact. Jab lands to the body for Spencer. Right hand lands upstairs for Spencer. Right hand from Spencer lands well to the body. Right hand lands upstairs and wobbles West badly! West takes a couple more shots and goes down, the referee says it’s over immediately! Spencer KO-4.

Sebastian Fundora vs Nathaniel Gallimore

Round 1: Fundora misses on a couple of jabs and Gallimore gets in a body shot. Gallimore stays in close and tries to rough Fundora up on the inside. Fundora misses on a hook at close range but lands an uppercut moments later. Gallimore presses Fundora back to the ropes and scores a right hand to the body. Uppercut makes partial contact on the inside for Gallimore, who is staying in Fundora’s chest. Back to center ring and Fundora measures with a few jabs that don’t make contact. Counter right hand from Gallimore makes partial contact. Fundora misses on a right hook. Now Gallimore is backing up and looks to go to the body. Jab lands for Fundora this time. Straight right gets to the body for Gallimore. Gallimore 10-9.

Round 2: Jab falls short misses for Fundora. Now Fundora lands a jab as Gallimore tries to find a way inside. Straight right to the body lands for Gallimore, who then lands a clean left hook to the head on the inside. Gallimore leans on Fundora along the ropes but the referee comes in to call a break. Uppercut lands to the body for Gallimore. Referee warns the fighters to stop wrestling. Gallimore tries to time a big right hand that grazes Fundora. Fundora lands a left to the body, then a cuffing right to the head. Fundora throws a couple more shots and Gallimore tries to smother the punches by getting even closer to Fundora. Left hook lands upstairs for Fundora. Fundora 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Both fighters trade at center ring and Fundora comes with a few more shots that land well on Gallimore. Uppercut from Fundora makes solid contact. Hard shot from Fundora knocks Gallimore back into the corner. Fundora follows it up with a couple more shots that land to the head and put Gallimore back on the ropes. Another shot lands clean upstairs for Fundora. Fundora continues to come forward but it’s Fundora that’s bleeding from the nose right now. Left hook to the body lands well for Fundora. Another body shot lands for Fundora. Fundora 10-9.

Round 4: Gallimore tries to lead with a right hand that misses. Fundora lands a right to the body, then a couple of short uppercuts on the inside. Left uppercut lands to the chin of Gallimore at close range. More shots land for Fundora who is landing more and more on Gallimore, who is looking to try to hold a little more. Gallimore looks like he’s hurt a little and is mostly trying to survive right now. Another uppercut lands for Fundora. Gallimore covers up along the ropes as Fundora continues to throw. Straight left from Fundora makes partial contact, then a clean uppercut to the head that snaps Gallimore’s head up. Referee warns Gallimore that he’s close to stopping this fight if he doesn’t show him something. Fundora 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Combination comes from Fundora and a couple of them land. Gallimore tries to load up on a couple of hooks but can’t land them well. Gallimore is back in the corner and Fundora works him with both hands. Right uppercut to the body lands for Fundora. Fundora continues to throw a barrage of punches as Gallimore mostly tries to cover up to protect himself as best he can. Gallimore is putting up less and less resistance as he’s forced to spend all his energy on defense. Straight left hand lands well for Fundora. Fundora is in full control of this fight. Fundora 10-9.

Round 6: Jab lands for Fundora who just misses on an uppercut that follows. Right hook lands upstairs for Fundora. Left hand lands upstairs again for Fundora, who is piercing Gallimore’s guard pretty often. Referee warns Gallimore he’s close to stopping this fight again. Clean body shot and head shot lands for Fundora and Gallimore is hurt! Referee steps in to stop the fight here. Fundora KO-6.

Tonight at 8 pm ET on FOX, Premier Boxing Champions returns with a tripleheader from Los Angeles, topped by a welterweight eliminator between former titleholder Shawn Porter and Sebastian Formella.

Wil Esco will be on the round-by-round call tonight.

The 32-year-old Porter, who has twice held titles at 147, is coming off of a loss 11 months ago in a grueling and highly competitive fight with Errol Spence Jr, while the 33-year-old Formella is coming over from Germany and attempting to prove he belongs with the best welterweights in the world.

The co-feature will see 6’5”-ish junior middleweight Sebastian Fundora take on veteran Nathaniel Gallimore in a fight set for 10 rounds, and junior middleweight prospect Joey Spencer is also in action, facing Shawn West in a six-round bout.

Full Card (FOX, 8:00 pm ET)

  • Shawn Porter (30-3-1, 17 KO) vs Sebastian Formella (22-0, 10 KO), welterweights, 12 rounds
  • Sebastian Fundora (14-0-1, 9 KO) vs Nathaniel Gallimore (21-4-1, 17 KO), junior middleweights, 10 rounds
  • Joey Spencer (10-0, 7 KO) vs Shawn West (5-1, 3 KO), junior middleweights, 6 rounds