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Gary Russell Jr says he still wants to fight Terence Crawford, hasn’t heard a word back

Russell Jr. tells more old war stories about his feud with Crawford.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Well, Gary Russell Jr must not have heard the word that social media rival Terence Crawford is currently in negotiations to face Kell Brook, because he says he hasn’t heard a peep from Crawford about accepting a fight against him after all the tough talk they’ve been doing. In fact, Russell seems to continue to assert his willingness to fight Crawford in order to settle a feud that apparently dates back to the amateurs...

“Damn Terence. What’s up, slim? At one point you was on your lil’ social media, you know what I’m saying, responding to what was said about me — me punching you in the face and all that. But now, when I’m actually talking about actually trying to fight you, I don’t see no response nowhere. You turned Casper the Mothafuckin’ Friendly Ghost.

“Like what’s up, slim. You ain’t answering the call for nobody, man. I knew you was a bitch, man. I knew you was a bitch. And I wasn’t even gonna put this out here, you know what I’m saying, based upon the fact that I honestly ain’t watch your whole interview, or whatever it was when you did respond. But I actually watched it — you said you was gonna break my neck, you wanted to break my neck. Slim, stop fuckin’ faking, man. You’s a cold sucker.

“I’m about to tell ya’ll a story, right. I want to say it was ‘07...My little brother, the one that hold the mitts, he was competing, I think it was the U.S. Championships — he was trying to qualify for the Olympic trials and he was in Terence Crawford’s weight division at the time...

“So I’m mad anyway because my little brother, he was losing the fight, he was losing to — I can’t think of the guy’s name. But he was losing the fight. And I’m sitting down at the bottom of the bleachers. Lo and behold, you know, Terence Crawford — I think the other dude name was Jorge Diaz — I can’t think of the other dude’s name, there was three of them. They was all sitting at the top of the bleachers and I can hear ‘em talking...while they talking, Terence was like ‘Ya’ll called me over here for them?!’ I turned around, I say ‘What ya’ll say?’

“Jorge, he says ‘Oh nah nah nah, we wasn’t talkin’ to you.’ I was like ‘aight.’ I continue to watch the fight, my little brother’s losing. Terence says something else, they say something else, and I heard him say something slick about my little brother, saying he would whoop my lil’ brother. I walked up the bleachers and I looked at Jorge and I looked at Terence and I looked at whoever the other guy was and I told all three of them ‘Say something else.’

“Nobody said nothing. Nobody said nothing. And I said ‘exactly, that’s what the fuck I thought’ and continued to walk back down the bleachers. So, I don’t know, man. You been a sucka, slim. You talkin’ bout you wanna break my neck, you got the opportunity to, you don’t have no fight. You don’t have no fight...

“Fight somebody that can really fuckin’ fight...this weekend might be movie night for me and the babies. I’ma get my babies to watch Wizard of Oz, man. ‘Cause I swear to god, slim, you either the Tin Man or the Lion because both of them was some suckers. They needed some heart and some courage. So you might need to go holla at the Wiz or somethin’, slim.

“And then for ya’ll sucka ass fans out here talkin’ bout — what ya’ll be saying — I’m clout chasing. Ain’t nobody fuckin’ clout chasing. That speaks volumes on ya’ll’s characters as individuals. Everybody I been calling out is people that people feel as though is the best. I know I’m the best, it’s apparent that I’m the best in the weight division that I’m in. I’m the longest reigning champ for a reason. I want to challenge myself to be greater. I want to challenge myself to be better. So, yeah, I want to fight somebody, a bigger person.

“So I’m clout chasing because of that? Ya’ll some bitches. That’s a bitch-ass mentality to have. And that’s some sucker shit, I see why you like Terence Crawford and stuff like that, man. That shit crazy.

“Real champs fight real champs. A real champ will fight anybody. I’m a real champ. Remember that.”

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