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RJJ Boxing results: Luis Torres wins main event battle, Santiago Dominguez victorious in co-feature

We got an entertaining main event on a fast-paced show tonight on UFC Fight Pass.

RJJ Boxing/UFC Fight Pass

Lightweight prospect Luis Torres kept his “0” in tonight’s RJJ Boxing main event on UFC Fight Pass, topping a tough and game Jose Luis Vazquez by unanimous decision over 10 rounds.

Scores were announced as 76-73, 77-72, and 79-72 for Torres, which obviously is not right as it was a 10-round fight, not an eight-round fight. So not sure what the scores were, but the winner is correct.

Torres (8-0, 6 KO) dropped the shorter Vazquez (10-2, 3 KO) in the opening round, and it was a pretty heavy knockdown, too. It didn’t look like the fight would last too long, even with Vazquez surviving that round, but Vazquez fought his way back into it — he didn’t win many rounds, but he hung in there and gave Torres a good scrap the rest of the way.

But Torres was simply the better fighter, and showed he already was ready for 10 rounds, as he was still fighting well in the end. It was the first time he’d ever gone past six, so you never known how a young fighter will do with that, but he passed that test nicely, still working effectively all the way through. He’s someone with a TV friendly style, based on this outing, and would certainly be welcome on more shows like this in the future.

Other Results

  • Santiago Dominguez TKO-1 Adalberto Borquez: Borquez came in on short notice and got stopped quickly, the 13th time in his career he’s been stopped. The 36-year-old Borquez (30-20-1, 27 KO) had a puncher’s chance on paper, but not really. The 28-year-old Dominguez (22-0, 17 KO) just blasted him out, dropping him two times and finishing late in the opening frame. Easy work for Dominguez.
  • Jermone Jones Jr TKO-4 Mario Israel Vera: Jones is a 25-year-old welterweight from Phoenix, has fought exclusively in Mexico, and remains perfect at 5-0 (5 KO). He turned pro in Nov. 2019 and in all reality it would be hard to say there’s a high ceiling here at a glance, but he did his job and did fight with some ideas of putting things together and whatnot. He beat Vera (6-2, 0 KO) down gradually and finished in four.
  • Ezequiel Borrero UD-4 Jhoan Cano: Borrero is now 3-0 (1 KO), a junior featherweight of unknown age who turned pro in February and also fought in March before everything shut down. Cano lost every round and is now 1-2 (0 KO) for his young career.