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Jose Ramirez vs Viktor Postol: Final Press Conference

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Ramirez defends his world titles this weekend on ESPN+.

With Jose Ramirez set to take on Viktor Postol this weekend on ESPN+, with his junior welterweight titles on the line, both fighters appeared for their final press conference. Check out some excerpts from the presser below...

“Coming out of that six-round fight (with Maurice Hooker) I was ready to go, I was ready to continue my journey to become undisputed world champion,” Ramirez began. “I know Viktor Postol stands in the way of that and he’s a very experienced fighter, so I was training very, very hard.

“Due to the pandemic the fight got rescheduled, but I stayed at the gym, I stayed composed, I stayed patient. I have a great team with Robert Garcia...I’m a man of faith, so I believe everything happens for a reason. Now that I’m here, I can’t wait to showcase my talent.”

Speaking through an interpreter, Postol offered some of his thoughts on the fight.

“This camp was also pretty long, I came three months before this date but I feel good, I feel ready, ready to fight.”

You can catch the full press conference and face off in the video above.