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Jessica McCaskill talks win over Cecelia Braekhus, wants Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano

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The newly crowned champion reflects on her title win and future.

During this interview with FightHype, Jessica McCaskill fields some questions on her world championship win over Cecilia Braekhus and where she wants to go from here in her career. Check out some excerpts below...

On her big win over Braekhus:

“There’s always people that will say ‘that was an ugly fight’ or just different things, and it was like I felt like I had to show people that I was there to take it. You know, not have it handed to me, not by fluke, not by anything that was too close. I really wanted it to be a defined win and I think the punch count showed that, I think the ring generalship showed that. I was just willing to throw and I’m willing to take a punch to get my own combination off and most of the time the females I fight don’t have any massive power. So, you should take punches, but sometimes you have to eat one to get off two or three.”

On if Braekhus has a rematch clause:

“Yes, we do have a rematch clause in the contract. I don’t know if she’s going to take that or not. She alluded to retirement and I honestly think she’ll wake up in about two weeks and just realize this is in her blood and she’s not ready to give it up.”

On what she wants to do next:

“That question is a lot easier now after Katie Taylor beat Delfine Persoon. So, of course, we would want the McCaskill-Taylor 2. We’ve talked about Amanda Serrano. Both of our teams have spoken and we both would love to put that show on for the fans. So, I mean there’s a couple of different options out there — of course if the Cecilia rematch happens, there’s that. But we just want to make sure we’re putting out really good fights, high level material for the fans, big names and a lot of things on the line. So we’ll just have to see how everybody’s doing after the fights and who wants it.