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Maxi Hughes signs with MTK Global after upset win over Jono Carroll

Hughes beat Jono Carroll by decision earlier this month.

Scott Rawsthorne/MTK Global

After scoring a massive upset of Jono Carroll, Yorkshire’s Maxi Hughes has joined forces with MTK Global, who are “confident” that the 30-year-old “can continue to produce stellar performances and achieve big things.”

Prior to his most recent match, Hughes (21-5-2, 4 KO) was what you might call a “been in there with” fighter, one notable only for losses to prominent figures. He’d fallen to Scott Cardle, Martin Joseph Ward (twice), Sam Bowen, and Liam Walsh, all while amassing victories over subpar opposition. Carroll, coming off of a destructive beatdown of Scott Quigg, was a 20-to-1 favorite in places.

Well, we all know what happened next.

Hughes said: “If you’ve seen Gladiator, when Russell Crowe leaves the Colosseum and the other warriors chant his name ‘Maximus, Maximus,’ that’s basically what’s going on in my head right now!

“Even though no one expected me to win against Jono, me and my team knew we would come out on top. I’ve fought on a few MTK shows and we’ve always been looked after so it’s good to be part of the stable.

“It feels like I’m on the A-side after a 10 year career on the B-side. I’ve always believed I’m good enough, and I’ve always taken any opportunity to fight the best.

“Being backed by a big outfit like MTK should give me the opportunity to climb the world rankings. I want to be involved in any big fights which come my way.”

It’s always good to see a fighter get rewarded for upsetting the apple cart. Now to see if he can do it again.