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Roy Jones Jr: James Toney the best boxer I faced, Joe Calzaghe underappreciated

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The Hall of Famer talks about some of his toughest opponents.

Roy Jones Jr. has faced a lot of great opponents of the course of his career, but in this interview caught by Fight Hub TV the all-time great answers questions on who was the best opposition he’s ever went up against. Of course with so many good opponent to choose from (Felix Trinidad, Mike McCallum, Antonio Tarver, Joe Calzaghe, Bernard Hopkins — so on and and so forth), this is who stands out to Jones.

Jones on who his toughest opponent was:

“Toughest guy I fought probably was — the best boxer, hands down, was James Toney. Sheer toughness, probably Jorge Castro. Hardest puncher, Merqui Sosa by far.”

On how good Joe Calzaghe really was:

“Very good, just very busy. Wasn’t very powerful, wasn’t very fast, but was very, very busy.”

On if Calzaghe doesn’t get enough credit for what he did during his career:

“No, he doesn’t because he had a father that never boxed before that taught him how to box and took him up there. But his game was energy, you know what I mean? And people gotta understand he had a very consistent energy. He outworked everybody and he just was that good.”